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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The night before my semester exam

     I should be studying right now. But I realized this is the best time to type my next post, when thoughts of all sorts (except that related to the subject of tomorrow's paper) are rushing into your brain.

    I have been away from the blogging world (and up to some extent, the social networking sites) for almost half a month now. I would like the idea of picturing me studying all this time, but that's not how it happened. I did study but was also playing computer games. The reason I am typing this blog post is that I have run out of games to play. Since it's going to take a while to download more of them, I think I'll be studying after I finish typing this post. Or, I could go back to studying after replying to all comments and even visit some of my favorite blogs. So, lets get this done.

1. I have a theory. When you are about to do something, and you tell everyone about it, there are 80% chances that you would en up not doing it. Like you are going to visit the gym from tomorrow. But today you practically let the whole world know that you are going to visit gym from tomorrow. So, if the purpose of you visiting the gym was actually flaunting it to others and not physical fitness, half the job is done. It's not my theory, my dad told me this. I have experienced this quite often though. I wanted to do something that it would show I care for them. But, I told them I was planning to that thing and my job was done. They started thinking  I cared for them. An extension to this theory is that people tend to hide their bad deeds and make a fuss about the good things they did, when actually they should do the bad things in open and should keep the good things a secret. Nobody has the guts to smoke and tell his/her parents that he/she did so. Problem solved, no more bad deeds. If you are doing something for a good cause then why attach fame to it. Self satisfaction should only be your reason otherwise the purpose of doing it gets defeated

2. When you promise something to someone and then you forget it, the other person has lost respect for you. But, when you promise something to yourself and forget that, you have lost self-respect. People don't realize it but latter one is the worst of the two. People make so many commitments to others and to themselves. Now, promises made to others if broken, there is still a way to gain trust. But, when promises made to self get broken(that too if realized), people find themselves hollow from inside. You do realize you have to study this semester, but I don't see any change. I don't see any seriousness. You made a promise to yourself and you broke it. It's like, "you" can't even trust "yourself".

3. Sitting on the dining table, a hand placed lightly over your shoulder and then slips rubbing against your back. If nobody loves you in this world, your mother and father does. If nobody supports you, your mother and father will. You may find a thousand friends, a hundred close friends, ten gf/bf but not another mother or father.

1.Am still not satisfied. I thought blogging would help me in knowing myself better but there are things I can't post publicly. Also can't post about her anymore ~_~. Starting another blog which will be kept hidden.

2. Stay blessed ^_^


  1. heyy its good... bt tujhe jo likha tha i think u havnt... i gt to knw tat shank.. temme...

  2. 1. I like your theory.. Though we are self-promoting ourselves, we still end up doing good deeds!! End matters, not the means..
    2. Ohh, you are being hard on yourself!! Gaining oone's own trust is, I believe, way easier than gaining other's trust..
    3. P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!

    PS: I dont remember how I came here... But I like what I read buddy!! :) All the best for ur exams!!

  3. guess what mohan pyare...

    our HOD gave exactly opposite theory and I never believed it. I believe the theory you gave...and my funda is *jinx*....I jinx when I talk about something publicly....that's one reason I haven't been able to start my book...people started saying, write a book, I thought ok...I hit the moment of truth of writing and since then, I have developed this negativity about THE BOOK.

    But, the HOD used to say, tell-all and then you will end up doing it all...I wonder how does that work....never seen it working...

    Blogging does help to know yourself better...psst...I too have a hidden blog ;)

    Cheers...and good luck with the exams..

  4. I think of the best posts before my exams too! But I don't sit down to write them cos I feel that'll distract me.
    In the end, I don't do well in the exams and don't have an awesome post on my blog either :?

  5. And yeah, I believe in jinxes too- "I'm going to Goa!" "awesome". 30 minutes later, the plans get cancelled.
    But the way you put it makes it sound positive :)

    Yea, its terrible losing self respect :/
    Yea, noone can replace your parents. Parents are the only ones who have your best interests at heart.

    And if you discover everything about yourself now, what'll you have for later? :)

  6. I left a gift for you at my latest post :)

  7. @nikhimenon
    thank you :)

    some things are better left unsaid

    yeah I guess that's another way of looking at it

    that's because people don't realize it. What if you make a promise which would decide on somebody's life and death? People should respect all promises. The ones they make to others and specially the ones they make to themselves

    thank you :)

    Somehow, it's always impossible to imagine a wise HOD unless you actually see one. Even I think you could write a book. shhh....don't tell anyone about it ;)

    thank you :)

    @Happy go lucky
    well it depends on the person perhaps

    I am not discovering everything in one go. I am just saying this place is too public to put each and everything I have discovered until now

    am speechless :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  8. Hey there! I really like your blog. Proof: Go check this out. :D


    It would suffice to say you provided me with the inspiration I was lacking for the past few days to write. Thank you. :)

  9. @mahima
    glad to be of service ma'am :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^