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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moments of sheer Happiness

    There are some things in life that mean so less to everyone else but give pure joy to you. No matter how small scale they be, they never fail to give you self satisfaction and contentment. Some such things/acts that give me joy are given below. (Note: regardless of me doing it for someone or others doing it for me)

1. A thank you with a smile. (to customer care, to shopkeeper, to the person who sells movie tickets and specially to receptionists)

2. An apology with a gift. (Usually chocolates)

3. Instant messages replies. (Usually chat and games)

4. Appreciation of looks. (Smart, Bold, fit, glasses)

5. Assurance with a touch. (a hand over the shoulder or head, a hug, hand in hand)

      that's it for now. See you later. Thanks for reading/listening ^_^


  1. True. These small things...does bring happiness :)

  2. Beautiful indeed!
    For happiness doesn't dwell in huge gifts and mansions but in warm hugs and heartfelt smiles :)

    Love, Risha :)

    P.S: Thank you is a small word to say but feels awesome that you took out time from your schedule and read all the posts I wrote till date. Thank you a ton :)

  3. @Risha
    It's fine. Just another moment of sheer happiness ;)

    stay blessed ^_^

  4. @Rachit and Kunal

    Thanks buddies :)

    stay blessed ^_^

  5. True happiness lies in little things...so true!

  6. I have this thing of saying "Thank you" to everyone, be it a rickshaw puller, or a auto wala, or taxi wala...After all they too are human being...If our small gestures can bring smiles...Then why not...
    Great going guy...

  7. Totally agree!!! Actually these small things bring happiness as happiness is not one big thing ,it's all the little things put together.Really liked the way you described the moments of sheer happiness.