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The world has become an amusing place...

We need Facebook to tell others how we are feeling

We need Twitter to have an opinion

We need Instagram to enjoy our food

We need Snapchat to cherish memories

And most of all, we need an internet connection to have a life...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Wait For The Pot To Overflow

    I am not being skeptical. But why is it that people are reacting at a large scale now when the statistics say a rape happens every 20 mins in the country. My sudden posts are an example of the very thing I am talking about. Why must people wait before it becomes intolerable?

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Five Rupee Logic

     Exams, exams exams!!!! (Yes I chose a very appropriate time to post something). But isn't that completely normal? I mean, don't most people get the urge to blog when it's exam time? Or an interview, or a meeting? It's like everything else becomes so interesting when there is a task at hand. Proceeding with the topic

A simple 5 rupee note with Gandhiji's photo (Google)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Transparent Can You Be With Your Parents?

Read this prior to the following post

One day my mother called me and asked, "what is porn?"

I started guffawing

mum - "What's the matter?"

me - "Why are you asking me?"

mum - "Well, I asked dad but he said you will be able to explain it more clearly"

I looked at dad but he didn't give any reaction

me - "Where did you read it?"

mum - "In the news paper...about Sunny Leone who is a porn star"

I smiled again

mum - "What are you smiling about?"

I controlled myself

me - "Did I ever ask you what you and papa did on the first night of your marriage?"

mum - "No, that's not the question you should ask"

me - "So porn films are everything about what you do at that night"

mum - "matlab tum yahi sab dekhte rehte ho internet pe"

me - "Why the hell are you asking such questions?"

she persisted, "dekhi ki nahi?"

me - "Yes, once..."

mum - "fir? kyu dekhi?"

me - "umm...curiosity? Just to know what exactly it is"

then I had to lie

mum - "bas ek baar hi dekhi aur fir nahi?"

me - "yes"

mum - "Good, you know people sometimes get addicted to such stuff"

and I just nodded my head...

Sometimes I think a sitcom should be made on my family. It would turn out to be much better than daily soap at least o_O

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Are You Supposed To Do When You Turn 21?

    I won't say I am back, just that I am gonna stay longer this time. Yes, I did turn 21 a few weeks back (3 weeks and 2 days to be exact). Without further delay, let's get back to work

Images from Google and then edited through Photoshop

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting Kicked from all directions

     God, I missed this place so much. Whatever's left of it anyway. It's like this space has become a medium for me to crib. And I did return for the same. Well, no more. I guess it's time to end matters and look forward for better things. I wonder what's the reason behind the number of followers getting reduced from 43 to 41. There is too much going on my mind that I want to......get them off my chest? Funny

Well there are options. The following post is a bit nasty. It involves abuses (nothing very extreme). So if you are uncomfortable with the labels, I suggest you redirect to following links

That One Day


Give Me A Reason To Forget You

Saturday, March 3, 2012

You Just Had To Come Back In My life, Didn't You?

     I really wanted to post about something else. But, I think when one has started something, he/she should see to it till the end. Few seconds you'll have to wait while I go through my previous post and find out where we are so far.

just some random pic from hard disk and edited it
     Continued from here

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Is It Impossible To Hate You?

       2012. I'll remember this special year for the whole life. 7th Jan 2012. I haven't had a single peaceful night since then. But this post is not about the academic part of my life. I have regained my control over it. This post is about something else...

Thursday, January 26, 2012


At one moment you will come to know
after all those years, you'll let them go

no hangouts, no treats,no teasing, no parties
just some empty seats and some faded memories

a little more than a year is all that's left
let's enjoy friends at every opportunity we get

how many names we'll remember, how many faces we'll see
there won't be us anymore, just you and me

there will be no hims and there will be no hers,
certainly no b*tches and definitely no jerks,

no amount of effort would bring those days back
once stumbled no one would put you back on track

At the end of this poem I only have this to tell each gem
they taught me how to live, but not how to live without them

mind suggesting a title?

Have been hopeless since 7th Jan, would post as soon as I find a way out of my current state.
Stay Blessed ^_^

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is this the end

     There is so much to write and so less time left. I have been delaying my posts since exams which concluded in November last year. Being busy in studies, organizing events in college, Christmas and New Year celebration. All this has made me neglect this space, neglect my emotions, neglect my thoughts and above all neglect friends. My time is no longer mine, and this will continue till my semester. I don't know when will I get the time to post again. Leaving for mumbai tomorrow to attend the techfest, Wish me luck :).

Stay Blessed ^_^