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Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Is It Impossible To Hate You?

       2012. I'll remember this special year for the whole life. 7th Jan 2012. I haven't had a single peaceful night since then. But this post is not about the academic part of my life. I have regained my control over it. This post is about something else...

        Someone else rather...

        It's been more than 13 months since I first saw you. My memory of the person I was before meeting you has become very faint. You have changed me a lot. I don't know why you have such a great influence over me, nor do I know how long this is going to last. There has not been a single day when you don't cross my mind. Of course at the beginning I disliked you. I didn't want any other person in my school friend circle. And you seemed a bit annoying, being too closer than required. But, it wasn't your fault. It was me who wasn't used to staying within 3 meters of radius of a girl.

       Then I started accepting the fact that you are going to become an important part of my group. I learned to like you. The likeness was much more than necessary. They went as far as calling you my gf. I won't deny the fact that it did stir something within my heart, something, unknown to me for the past 19 years. I let it go thinking it's just because of my tremendously low experience in the love department.But it did trigger the need to see you more often, to grab every opportunity of being with you.Then, 23rd March changed everything.

      here, you will find the necessary details to continue reading.
And then it was over in....I think 15 days. Yeah 15 days. It did seem as if everything they had was a joke. Really, what WERE they thinking? I haven't seen or heard of any relationship that lasted just 15 days. No, I didn't get my hopes up. Anything that's dead shall remain dead. Over the next 20 days, I was lost between the two of them. Being a friend, understanding, advising, caring, making things right. She got over it soon. He, having his heart broken twice within 5 months, was having much trouble moving on. Eventually, he did, but it will never be normal between them. Meanwhile, she had gone to spend the summer vacations at home. I was missing her terribly. When she came back, I told her everything. I was digging up the corpse which I had buried with great effort. I confessed everything to her. We used to talk for 3-4 hrs daily. For 2 weeks, I was talking, confessing, smiling, laughing, crying, speaking my thoughts and for the first time in life not thinking too much. I wish I had even the slightest clue that I was making the 4th biggest mistake of my life.

To Be Continued...


  1. I am waiting for your 'to be contd' to end soon. I do have to tell you lots, but will hold on until you finish telling it. Meanwhile take care.. *hugs* it will be okay soon ..

  2. Waiting for the next part...

  3. hmmm..sigh..love is just too complicated

    waiting for the next part..

    Till then stay well :)

  4. Feel stuck at a point, right? You'll get through! Take Care :)

  5. a friends ex gf!!!

    1. You make it sound like you are enjoying my pain o_O
      friend's ex gf? - please, it's not some topic of gossip ~_~

    2. Allright...and I thought it was a story :/..My mistake!!
      You cnat blame me :( shud hav told it was not a fiction...
      Well I told continue continue,...because this happened with me too...falling for someone I should have. Didnt turn out well!

  6. long hours phone call makes thing worse and deep. i guess i am too late to comment but just couldn't hold back.

  7. I need to read the next post...

  8. Life dosent seem fair sometimes. at one point, u dont hv anybody to talk,chat,confess but when u do...life takes thm away frm u and one is left with just regrets n memories which neva seem to go away either..so painful.

    new follower:)

  9. Just chanced upon your blog..found those little links in the story quite interesting!! its like going treasure hunting!! nice work...keep going...

    (P.S.following you!!)

    1. Thanks for making me smile :)

      Stay Blessed ^_^