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Thursday, January 31, 2013

"I Won't Close My Heart" She Made Me Promise

No fancy photoshopping this time. Simple google stock image

What can you do, if you have to wake up every morning to a pillow in your arms instead of her?
What can you do, when you have so much to say, but she can no longer listen to you?
What can you do, when you ache for a glimpse of her and all you have are lifeless pictures?
What can you do, when you can't explain the reason of your silence or sometimes unstoppable tears?
What can you do, when everyone tells you you'll find someone better, but all you ever wanted was her?

Move on? Is that it?

Yes, I loved a girl...Yes, I gave her my heart... Yes, I treated her with utmost care... Yes, I was always biased for her... Yes, she was my everything...

And by some unknown, non-understandable, heavenly miracle, she loved me back...with the same passion...maybe even more...

I had securely locked my heart and I threw away the key so hard, it was impossible for anyone to find it. THIS girl, I don't know how she accomplished it, but she found that key, opened the lock, got in and locked herself inside. Have you ever wondered (if you ever had the experience of being in a relationship) why that certain person only stands out from the crowd? Why that person only holds the master key to every treasure chest of yours? Why that person only who has the power to make you, also possesses the power to break you? And what were the chances of finding that person in particular place only? (have you also wondered if there could be more than one such person? :-s)

I once came across this picture which said "There is always this person in this world, who is perfect for you and you will never meet him/her". Well I at least had the privilege of knowing my 'person'.

That's it for now, my person just came online and she needs my attention. (Yes, she still is my everything...my only and everything)

Stay Blessed ^_^