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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why Is He Dating You?

created using photoshop

Girl: hey Jaanam kaise ho?
Boy: theek hu, tum?
Girl: mai bhi theek :D
Boy: hehe
Girl: you know what daddy asked me over dinner?
Boy: what? :o
Girl: he asked "Why is he dating you?"
Boy: and what did you say?
Girl: I kept quiet for a while and then replied...I am not sure, never asked him directly
Boy: what did he reply to that?
Girl: nothing, he just nodded and went back to finishing his food.
Boy: hm...he asked the wrong question anyway
Girl: matlab?
Boy: he should have asked why do I love you.
Girl: hehe..hmm :">
so why do you love me?
Boy: you don't know? o_O
Girl: bolo na >.<
Boy: you are so wonderful :-*
Girl: :"> aur?
Boy: aur kya?
Girl: that's it?
Boy: haan aur kya bolu? :-s
Girl: I don't know...nothing achha chhodo..rehne do
Boy: okay
Girl: I have to go kal baat karte hai
Boy: kya hua?
Girl: nothing, have to study
Boy: okay, love you
Girl: love you too

You Have Got A New Mail
    You honestly thought I love you just because you are wonderful? My love wonderful doesn't even begin to define you. You are loving, caring, beautiful and understanding. Every guy uses these words for their girlfriend. Me? I don't think you're my girlfriend. That word is just not the proper one to define your importance in my life. While you really are loving, caring, beautiful and understanding...there is much more depth to you than that. You are way mature than people of your age, and even many ones older. You are compassionate. You have this extraordinary ability to see the best in people. Words aren't enough to tell you how much you mean to me. What I have for you, attraction? affection? love? addiction? I don't know... why I like you so much, why do you have such big influence over me, why did you choose me over so many others...I don't know, I never will. Is there a reason for everything that's happening between us? I will never understand. It is said that things like these aren't meant to be thought about too much or understand...just meant to be felt. I feel I love you because you are the best thing happened to me.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, her mails are far more overwhelming though :-s

  2. Wow. Why doesn't somebody write that mail to me?! I'm gonna have to borrow derpina's tricks. :P

    1. Someday someone will :D

      haha XD, try "I love computer games too" ;)

  3. *Sends you chocolates* the most sweetest post of yours till date :)

  4. Lol. There's this friend of mine, who's actually marrying a girl, the reason- they're both PS2 freaks :P :D

    1. Some married life, they'll probably have :D

      That was the original plan with me too :)

  5. Had read just the picture by then.
    The post is very beautiful.
    These little stages define the strength of the relation!

    Take Care :)

  6. Well...I am a gone case romantic at heart...The letter...I know will sound a bit sissy...But brought tears to my eyes...Beautiful<3

    1. There is nothing wrong in being romantic >.< (yes gone case and hopeless included :P)

      It's not sissy to be teary or to cry X-(

      Just shows that there are people a bit more sensitive and emotional than others :)

      You'll find many people like you :D

  7. Beautiful. I'm a sucker for Love and words that come from the heart.

    ✗ℴ ♡

    +To Me It Matters+

  8. and guys like these are rare they say.. silly girls

  9. Once again you leave me speechless.. and maybe some giggles hehe

    Very Lucky Girl!!

  10. Once again you leave me speechless.. and maybe some giggles hehe

    Very Lucky Girl!!