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Sunday, June 15, 2014


     *Oh what a day... Does he enjoy giving me hell in his lecture? Perhaps he keeps a toy for himself in every batch that graduates from this college. I'm so glad that it's going to be over soon. Still, aren't they supposed to go easy on us in our last year? I wonder if he bribed the sun too. It's going to be a new temperature record today. The first year students must be enjoying their bus ride. Wait till you get promoted kids.*

      The sun's acting as a microwave oven, my thoughts are going crazy, and to top it all, Mummy's sick. The day has decided to be unforgiving.

*Lift closed*

    Wow, how much electricity does she expect to save by keeping the power to the elevator closed for two hours. Crazy lady. Everyone including Aayi (mother in Marathi) hates her. Maybe her husband too. I hear them fighting every weekend. Uncle is incredibly nice though. *STOP* thoughts won't help me climb stairs.

     I open the iron caged door from the inside since my hand can squeeze through the gaps till my elbow. I wait outside the solid wooden door until I realize...Oh oh, I forgot to ring the doorbell. I start banging relentlessly on the door. I hear hurried footsteps and the bolt slide out from the hole. Mummy always puts up a smile for me. "Why don't you ring the doorbell instead of knocking on the door?", she asks. I know I should say sorry but the words that come out from my mouth are different "Oh, so it's okay when Papa does it?" Mum's silence speaks, "Welcome home."

     I take out my shoes & socks and keep them near the shoe rack. I throw my bag and clothes on the bed, get into a T-shirt and Lower and power up my desktop. Mum enters and says, "Beta first put your shoes into the shoe rack. We bought it for that purpose. Put your uniform and socks into the washing machine. Put your bag in the books's cupboard. Take a bath or at least wash your hands and feet. Have lunch with us and then sit with your computer."

    "Aayi, I am busy right now. I'll do all that later." *Ezio Auditore assassinates a Templar on my computer screen*

     "Beta, you are very old now. You should learn how to be independent. You are not so young that I will do everything for you. There are kinds younger than you at bout 10-12 years of age who learn all this. And I am not saying all this just because I want less work. Managing yourself and your belongings will help you later when you will have to fend for yourself."

     "Fine, throw me out of the house, adopt an ideal kid and be happy with him"

     A loud crack followed.

    My right cheek was red within milliseconds. An angry voice that echoed in the room called my name "Shashank, Dare you talk to your mother like that again. If I ever hear you raise your voice in my house again, I swear I will rip your skin off from your body. And you, there is no need to chase this idiot get yourself insulted each time. When time will come, he will beg, he will borrow he will steal. Let him manage. Just pray to god that you're alive when he starts having kids and they grow up to the age at which he is now. Come on"

    A last gaze full of rage and at me and Papa exists the room. Aayi and I don't look at each other. The next thing I know, I am in my bed.

    It's 12 midnight when I open my eyes. It's thirst that has woken me up. Slowly and sleepily, I make my way to the kitchen. I open the refrigerator and grab a bottle and head for my room. But something's odd. Aayi-Papa's room is open. Did they turn the A.C. off? I peek into the room and find the bed to be empty. Huh, that's rare for both of them to get the need to use the lavatory. I wander around in the house. Both bathrooms are empty. I check the terrace. There's no one there. The main iron cage door? It's locked from the inside. But why would they lock the door from the inside? panic starts rising as I search the house. What? Even their cellphones are missing. I can't find my own cellphone so I go to my room where the landline phone is kept. I dial Aayi's number because I am still scared from that episode. No one's responding. With shaking hands I dial Papa's number.

     Everything goes dark. It's like I am in my room itself but there's no moon neither night bulb to throw bare minimum light for humans to see a bit in the dark. I am lying down and my hands are up in the air and sweaty. I wake up. My eyes slowly adjust to the dim light. There are two figures sleeping peacefully on my left. I know them. My wife Kashmira and son Qashif. They look so content. I am the one who's tensed. It feels like I just had a jog of 3-4 Kms. Carefully, I make my way to the bathroom. Strange... I know people I have never met and know every corner of the house in which I have never lived. I turn on the bathroom light and am taken aback by the figure that jumped back the same way I did. Wait...is it a mirror?

    Oh...I look old. Probably thirty or thirty-two. but my hair. It's not there O_O. My glasses, they are a bit thicker and the frame is a bit large. What the hell!!!

    As if it was waiting for its turn, realization hits me that I just had a nightmare. No, I think it was a memory. Not sparing a microsecond I rush towards my phone and dial the only number that's swarming in my mind. It's 1 am. Is it too late?

    There's the ring *relief*. There's a click on the other side *hope*.

    Around 900 kms away, an old lady, about 54 years of age, sleeping peacefully and content in the arms of his loving husband wakes up from the ringing sound coming from her cellphone kept on the stool beside the bed. Very slightly annoyed, she gets up and grabs the phone. Her eyesight is too poor to read the caller's name. None-the-less, she receives it and with a sleepy but kind voice says, "Hello?"

     Not getting any reply for 5 seconds, she speaks again and this time a bit louder, "Hello?"

    On the other side, a voice that is severely exhausted, desperate, longing, as if asking for love, care, kindness and forgiveness all at the same time speaks, "Aayi...

  1. P.S.: Too sick to continue...
  2. P.P.S.: What did you write when you were sick?
  3. P.P.S.: Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. Despair.
    Sometimes it does come to us, I don't know what should be done.
    But what I know is, tomorrow, when you look at this, you won't feel as much victimised.
    Time really heals.
    Give it a shot?

  2. Ahh! this peice of Writing, its incredible! :) liked it Shankie (y)