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The world has become an amusing place...

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


At one moment you will come to know
after all those years, you'll let them go

no hangouts, no treats,no teasing, no parties
just some empty seats and some faded memories

a little more than a year is all that's left
let's enjoy friends at every opportunity we get

how many names we'll remember, how many faces we'll see
there won't be us anymore, just you and me

there will be no hims and there will be no hers,
certainly no b*tches and definitely no jerks,

no amount of effort would bring those days back
once stumbled no one would put you back on track

At the end of this poem I only have this to tell each gem
they taught me how to live, but not how to live without them

mind suggesting a title?

Have been hopeless since 7th Jan, would post as soon as I find a way out of my current state.
Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. I may be wrong here....but it feels like its written by someone whose college days are about to be over...is it?

    And title..umm.. How about - 'yaaron...dosti...badi hi haseen hai!' :)

    Good Luck.

    1. you are almost right. The thing is I have a year left but all these thoughts are coming not itself.

      thanks for the title, stay Blessed ^_^

  2. sweet lines.. makes me to travel back to my college days..I miss my buddies...and yes they taught me how to live,but not how to live without them..:')

    Few signs of hope..I hope they multiply soon..will be looking forward for ur post S ;)

    P.S:me not good with suggesting titles..

    1. I seriously don't have even the slightest Idea of how am I feeling. That's what is making it hard for me to choose a thought and write about it. One moment I am happy, the next I am sad. Hope this phase will be over soon. Will definitely become regular then :)

      Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. reminded of school days :) Nice poem :D

  4. So leaving college life, I guess.. The best part of the post is that you have accepted how life will change!! So, first step is done!!

    Title - A transition!

    1. There is still one year left

      thanks for the suggestion :)

      Stay Blessed ^_^

  5. Life spent at school or college would always be fascinating whenever you look back. Its one of the sweetest memory one could ever have with all the adventures. Possibly your title could be like this - "Memories I can't live without"

  6. How about 'Life Without Them" ? :)
    I loved the poems. These days are sure to be missed..
    I love the new look of your blog :)

  7. Thank you so much for the comment :) And it made me smile BIG :D
    Looking forward to your post :)

  8. going through the same state.. so for me..its my "few last pieces of peace". dunno if it suits your thoughts.

  9. My school ended last year and seriously, this is EXACTLY how I felt, but you've put it so beautifully :')
    And I miss some people with whom I always used to hang out :D But now we're in different parts of the city coz of colleges, travelling and slowly we're losing touch :(
    Thanks for coming by my blog!
    Thank goodness :D, I thought I was the only one openly affectionate towards my parents. *hi-5*
    By any chance, do you have an elder sister?
    Take care