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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Are You Supposed To Do When You Turn 21?

    I won't say I am back, just that I am gonna stay longer this time. Yes, I did turn 21 a few weeks back (3 weeks and 2 days to be exact). Without further delay, let's get back to work

Images from Google and then edited through Photoshop

      This post, it's not exactly about me or about what goes in my mind. It's about the things that go in everyone's minds when they are of certain age when they are exposed to the world or are made to take critical life changing decisions. I know, some may say "At 21, You are so stressed? Try to take it easy" I know that I am not to take so much stress, like the kind of stress I am in right now, which cost me my hair. But, come on, you need to think about something, future? Career? Studies? What I feel is that the people that tell you are either the kind that don't ever think of themselves and try to pull you back down if you try to rise or they belong to the category that have already planned out their future and couldn't care less about anyone else's. Either way, Stay away from them!

     Coming back to me. I really don't know what I am supposed to do. Yes, after 3 years of engineering, I can't be sure whether I'll make a good engineer or not. The most wrong thing I did was to opt for mechanical when I was so interested in computers (I wonder what will happen to my knowledge of C, C# and Asp.net.....will they ever come in use?). The 3 mistakes of my life.....Engineering, Nagpur University and SVPCET (my college). Now you are wondering if engineering was a mistake then what am I genuinely interested in?

     ANIMATION!!! My passion, my love, my hope. Multimedia in a broad sense, Film making....special effects to be specific (VFX they call it, sounds call isn't it? B-))

Yep, I made it

        I know, not that impressive but hey, it's only a gif image and that too one of my first. 
I think if a person who is about to enter final year (hopefully) can't figure out what he is supposed to do after his graduation, then there is a serious issue. Of course I have options like joining a film school in Mumbai or Pune for animation or I can look for a job in IT. No, I really can't think of PG, quite done with engineering studies. Still I am weighing all my options. The things that demoralizes me most is that several of my classmates have joined classes for GRE, TOEFL, GATE, CAT, CMAT and I feel kind of left out. Feels like I am not going anywhere. Is a mentor what I need?

       Then there are things like boldness, smartness etc. Being honest I was never much of a bargainer and my parents constantly taunt me for that. And reacting to situation? That's even worse. I mean what are you supposed to do when you face a critical situation? How do I react? Will I make it? Will it hurt? What if someone gets hurt? What if someone asks me questions and I am unable to answer? (why do I think these things are happening to me a little late?) Parents want their children to be independent and smart and my parents being no different. They purposefully put us into situations that require a well planned reaction. I remember I panicked and backed out a lot in many situations when I was a kid. Like they will tell you to deposit cash/cheque (Damn American English ~_~) in bank, or tell you to take a relative to doctor and stuff like that. It's too embarrassing to mention that I used to feel so scared when the doctor was asking questions. All that was to make us bold and smart and yes, a responsible person too.

      A few weeks back I got a call from blood bank. They said there was a crisis and they needed blood. I was already scared of syringes. They said it would be really good if I could bring some of my friends too. I chickened out ~_~, said I had some important work in the evening but would definitely send a friend. And all I did was send a message to my friends about it. Two days back, they called again. I don't know how or why but I said I'll be there within half an hour. I messaged my friends. But when there was no reply, called each of them and 2 finally were ready (only 2 because they asked me for B+ve blood type). I did have a fear when they were piercing syringes in me but I didn't panic. Arranged 3 more donors while leaving. 

      I believe I can say that I did a fine job. I wonder when will I do a fine job about my career and studies. Just pray it all goes well till the end of this last term.

"I think everyone gets panicked at at least one stage of their lives. Are or Were there and such fears in your life? Please do share."

1. I hate the new blogger. I changed back to old interface and pray they never remove it.

2. I am in a relationship right now. And......she is not the one I blogged about. Story of another time

3. You know....Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. Your post reflects your stress, yes, but its okay. It works better when you're under pressure!

    I did have the same confusion. But I guess I've worked it out pretty much. And I'm sure you will too. Try sitting silently somewhere and think everything out. There are chances of getting it sorted out.

    AND hey! Loved the animated picture. You're so good at it!

    1. Thanks for the advice and compliment :)

      yes, I am sure I'll be able to find my path too

      Stay Blessed ^_^

  2. this is period of confusion for almost everyone buddy.. just don't let it get you..simply ignore n keep giving ur best...
    n yea , agree, New bloggers so pants..always bugs..im gonna revert too..

    1. I believe 21-23 is the most crucial period since 90% undergrads graduate in this age span

      Yes, the key is to give your best :)

      Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. Ayee, confusion, everyone goes through that no?
    And a lot of people don't know how to react and stuff, you'll get better with time and experience no?
    And hey, the GIF is pretty damn cool. :D I loved it!

  4. So much going in in your head...tough to pick. Congrats on turning 21! :)

  5. I am 22 and I am done with my graduation in law. and I have not even a slightest idea as to whts next. So yeh we r on the same boat

    1. Am sure we will find our place in this world :D :)

      Stay Blessed ^_^

  6. ahh.. welcome back dear..!! animation will be d best option cuz i knw u r gud at it.. although u havnt asked for suggestion but still i'll suggest dont go for post graduation..!! :\

    finally you are committed and m really happy for that..!!

    stay blessed you two..

    loads of love to you both!!

    cheers.. :)

  7. Email me if you want to about your career path that you want to choose in software industry. I have contacts, I may be able to help you out.

    Mechanical branch isn't a bad news, you can crack a good software company if you are good with coding skills and sure of yourself.

    If you think you aren't sure at 21, trust me, I have met people who aren't sure of themselves at 51!! It is okay. Take your time, plan it accordingly and have fun with the girl <3 God Bless.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right

      hm...I'll contact soon. Not right now because I don't get enough time after college :(.

      They are conducing a Campus Recruitment Training Program and it's taking the hell out of me :-/

      but it's good to learn new things all the time


      Stay Blessed ^_^

  8. I have only one thing to say, please do what you truly love to do..:) No matter how difficult it is, let people whatever they want to, just follow what your heart says...:) Atleast you know in which area you are passionate about because some people or most of them don't even know that also.

    Not to worry, everyone will have to pass this phase and things will fall in place..:)

  9. Featured you here!


  10. I am scared of syringes too. The fear is justified. I've been a part of Blood donation camps where they've taken blood from the wrong hand or didn't poke correctly and they've had to suffer for real long/

    I'm still 20. Gate, gre, toefl, c++ all that nonsense is there in my head too. There is no way out of that!