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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Transparent Can You Be With Your Parents?

Read this prior to the following post

One day my mother called me and asked, "what is porn?"

I started guffawing

mum - "What's the matter?"

me - "Why are you asking me?"

mum - "Well, I asked dad but he said you will be able to explain it more clearly"

I looked at dad but he didn't give any reaction

me - "Where did you read it?"

mum - "In the news paper...about Sunny Leone who is a porn star"

I smiled again

mum - "What are you smiling about?"

I controlled myself

me - "Did I ever ask you what you and papa did on the first night of your marriage?"

mum - "No, that's not the question you should ask"

me - "So porn films are everything about what you do at that night"

mum - "matlab tum yahi sab dekhte rehte ho internet pe"

me - "Why the hell are you asking such questions?"

she persisted, "dekhi ki nahi?"

me - "Yes, once..."

mum - "fir? kyu dekhi?"

me - "umm...curiosity? Just to know what exactly it is"

then I had to lie

mum - "bas ek baar hi dekhi aur fir nahi?"

me - "yes"

mum - "Good, you know people sometimes get addicted to such stuff"

and I just nodded my head...

Sometimes I think a sitcom should be made on my family. It would turn out to be much better than daily soap at least o_O


  1. Sheesh talk about awkward. Thankfully my parents don't ask me about the men in my life otherwise we'd have a big problem. Hah.

    1. I am glad too that they haven't asked about the girl in my life :D

  2. though i wasnt exactly very open with my parents, i think im being quite trans"parent" with my kids..im sure when they grow up and have their blog, they will be saying exactly these things about me!! hahaha.. btw did i tell u i read ur link post too...loved ur writing!

    1. Sounds like you are an awesome mother :D

      The old one about papa? :O . I just can't help but repeat that he is more humourous than many of my friends o_O

      I'll be going through your blog soon :D

      Stay Blessed ^_^

  3. I have been in a situation when I had to explain my activities. Haha.

    1. The fact that you laughing gives a hint that those must be on of the most awkward situations with your parents :D

  4. hahahahaahahahha Awwwwwwwwww...mothers are just soo adoable no???!!!!! hheeheh!!!
    Bus ek hi baar dekhi?? hawwww!!!

    1. Yes, and they get away with asking anything and leaving you in the awkward position :|

      Mothers are lovely :D

      I am not going to answer that :|

  5. These discussions were always off limits with my parents. I hope to have a more open relationship with my kids in the future.

  6. Interesting family you got there. :D
    My mum once asked me during a movie what a dick meant. I went all red and ignored her.
    Another day she asked me what showing your middle finger meant. I went berserk laughing and i did my best to explain it to her. :P

    Anyway nice blog. I hope you can find time to visit mine. Maybe we could follow each other? :)