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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Five Rupee Logic

     Exams, exams exams!!!! (Yes I chose a very appropriate time to post something). But isn't that completely normal? I mean, don't most people get the urge to blog when it's exam time? Or an interview, or a meeting? It's like everything else becomes so interesting when there is a task at hand. Proceeding with the topic

A simple 5 rupee note with Gandhiji's photo (Google)

     Yes, it does look ordinary at first glance. In fact, it would keep looking ordinary on any number of glances. Unless I make it a 500 rupee note by magic. No, this post is not about magic. It's about how something as normal as a 5 rupee note can teach you so many things about life and humanity.

     I am sure you are aware of the golden colour of the new 5 rupee coin. Yes it does look nice. And people are very touchy about being materialistic. They get attached to things so easily. I am sure you must have come across a situation where you had two coins of 5 rupees. One older one and the other golden (Yes I like to call it golden). Or furthermore, if you have a very neatly kept *karara* note of 5 rupees and another crumpled, or yet another situation where you have a 10 rupee note too. Tell me, how many times have you avoided giving the golden coin, or tried to keep the neatly kept note to yourself? I have seen many people do that. They are so attractive that it gives people pleasure to keep them in their pocket or cash drawers.

     Well, there is nothing extremely wrong in such act. But I never found it right. The pleasure we get from material things become obsolete sooner or later. So, I just let go of that pleasure and didn't care if the coin was golden or normal or note was kept so nicely. An interesting thing happened O_O

     Whenever I parted with the currency, I got it back the same day, or the next day or at the most on my next transaction. I could cite many examples. With shopkeepers, parking tickets etc. That way, there are very rare times when my wallet doesn't contain a good five rupee note or a golden coin for more than 4 days.

3 things I could relate to :-

1. The greed of material things isn't healthy. It could grow to something large and could even ruin your life

2. The world is like a mirror. The way you treat it, it will treat you in the same way.

3. Karma has it's own clock. It will reward you or punish you today, or somewhere in this life.

Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. The three things here are so true.

  2. i can certainly relate to the idea...there's nothing like joy of keeping :)

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  4. I think its interesting that you mention our need to keep the best things for our selves. My parents and teachers told me as a child that there was a circle >> First myself then family then friends then strangers but society always tells us to put other ahead O_o so..which do you listen to? Maybe none? I guess..thats what builds character..

  5. PS Its nice to hear from you again ^_^

  6. so much purity of thoughts! u know what, people to whom u matter a lot, would be really proud of u and ur thoughts!

  7. such a nice random post, but holding a message!

  8. My first thought as I saw the picture of the note.
    "I have to read what's written"
    And reading it was worth it :D

    Following you :)

  9. still here, somewhere :) how have you been?

  10. :) Interesting read for sure...hope u r doin well!

  11. Karma is scary! I am right here. You are lost :)