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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Wait For The Pot To Overflow

    I am not being skeptical. But why is it that people are reacting at a large scale now when the statistics say a rape happens every 20 mins in the country. My sudden posts are an example of the very thing I am talking about. Why must people wait before it becomes intolerable?

      Rape, murder, corruption people react to them in same manner. It's acceptable until it reaches its limits. Why is everyone so angry today? Is it because a girl was raped? Well that happens every 20 minutes. Do you get angry every 20 minutes? I suppose not. Is it because the girl was raped and brutally assaulted? Rapes are often coupled with physical assault. Is it because the degree of assault was too much to take in? That too is not uncommon. So maybe it's because the aftermath was there for everyone to witness. Witness and ignore. Ignore and let the victim suffer. Why would anyone want an extra work in their already busy schedule? Why would anyone bother to help?

     You know the society that is represented by the people who become one against rape and corruption is also represented by the people who act deaf, dumb and blind to the victims? I believe they are worse than physically disabled. People don't take responsibility for their actions, you can't expect them to take responsibility for someone else's. Part of being human isn't it?

     The least we can do is be with her rather than showing delayed pity.

     Stop waiting till it gets intolerable. Tackle it when it needs to be. Protests, Rallies, forwards, links, posts, shares, Profile pictures...they won't make any difference if they were to die out in a couple days. Things need to be felt, taught, acted upon every day, every minute, every second 


  1. Couldnt agree more. Lets start a riot.

  2. Pity is worse than the crime itself at times.

  3. Perhaps because of ignorance - perhaps they don't realize how bad it is until it hits home.