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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shanky, Make Sandwiches!!!

     So, apart from stalking others' blogs, I go through my own posts too. And I think last few posts were really not so good. Therefore, this post is about something that I haven't done in any of the previous posts. And after getting positives feedbacks about it from my friends, I thought I should document it. And what better place than my blogspace. So, here goes...

     I can cook a few things...maggi being the easiest of all. I can make omelets, khichdi, noodles(yes they are different from maggi) and can also prepare tea. But this one that I learned from mum (now whenever I want to have them, mummy tells me to prepare them for myself and for her too ~_~), that my friends seem to like very much o_O. Anyone who has tasted them said they really liked it and one was boozed enough to say he would marry me if I made them everyday. Now I don't know how to respond to that o_O, I was sober enough to recollect that one of the sexist things said against women is about sandwiches ~_~. Yes, I make 'Awesome' sandwiches. Whenever we have a booze party at someone's house, I make them. And now since I know they are delicious and also I have nothing else to blog about, I decided to make a kind of a recipe :-? Well, I still don't know what makes them so good, I mean the ingredients are very normal and I don't use any special something o_O. I wonder if you can find out what's so great about them :-s.

1. One packet of Bread (I prefer milk bread over sandwich bread. But I recommend using brown bread)

2. One bottle of Ketchup (or you can buy small packets like 'pichkoo')

3. Butter

 4. Cucumber, Onion and Tomato (amount depending on the number of sandwiches you're going to make)

5. A pan and a spatula


1. First, Get all the things in one place.

2. Take the cucumber, onion and tomato and cut out slices of each like this

3. Now take two bread pieces

4. Place one on top of another. Now apply butter on one side of each bread and ketchup on the other side.

5. lay the slices so that the ketchup side is facing up. Now put the cucumber, onion and tomato slices on one of the two pieces.(you can keep them in any way I prefer it like the below image)

6. Now lay the other bread on the first so that ketchup sides are facing each other. Make as many sandwiches as you want.

7. Now, I use the pan to roast/grill them, you can use an actual grill. Put the gas stove on low and grill them as you would normally grill bread (See? that's why butter on one side and ketchup on other). The end product should be something like this.

Enjoy!!! ^_^ and tell me if you did try them and what did they taste like :)

P.S.: I used one tomato (about two inches wide), one onion (about one and half inches wide) and one cucumber (about six-seven inches long and one and half inches thick) to make 8 sandwiches i.e. 16 bread pieces that came in the packet.

Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. eeeeh brilliant I'll try it ;P

  2. hehehe..."assemble them in one place..huh? very cute!

    great! so u CAN make sandwiches too!! I'll tell u what, buy some cheesy spread or sandwich spread, and apply it on the bread first before u put ur veggies on it, then sauce on the veggies, another layer of bread with cheesy spread, that way the veggies will not fall off the construction.... :) enjoy!

  3. You should try adding cheese to them. Makes them all the more wonderful!

  4. I dont like onions and tomatoes so i dont think i'll be trying this :(

  5. indeed appreciable :P looking forward to try some more reciepies from your kitchen ;) :P

  6. I am dying for the Sandwiches! :( get me one when you ll be coming! :)