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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Graduate

     This is neither about the 1967 movie, nor the novel from which it was adapted. It's about me, a simple engineering graduate from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash

     Yes, am back to Nagpur (returned on 22nd June Actually), Yes I changed the name and address of my blog, yes I graduated just now and yes am still into blogging.

     So, I am at a stage where I have nowhere to go (for now). I am done with my engineering, I didn't get selected in campus placements, I have never been certain about anything so I didn't give any entrance exams (yes, true O_O) (you know I wanted to get in animation industry :( ) (but I can't right now because the four years of engineering would go to total waste(no, the real reason is that banks don't provide education loan for such courses)), I have profiles on monster, naukri and timesjobs (they have rarely done anyone any good), and this post is getting too depressing :(.

    But Finally, I do have a goal now and have started working towards achieving it :D. My mum kept saying..."I myself am responsible for my state right now" and inside I know she is right. If I had stopped cursing my parents for making me choose engineering instead of animation, maybe I would have scored that extra 1 percent I needed to make it to first division. *Sigh* now, there's no point in regretting it. One has to keep looking forward and only learn from past.

   So they tell me there's still a chance, HIGHER EDUCATION!!! And so, I am finally going to do something I like and genuinely interested in learning. I am going to push the 'bhoot' of animation into just a hobby.

I had 3 wonderful ideas for blog posts and I forgot all three of them before I got over my laziness to write them down somewhere :-/

P.S. I am terrified that my voice sounds so ridiculous in a recording O.O


  1. I was in your position 5 years ago and today life couldn't be more sorted. Yours will too. Soon.

    And don't even mention the P.S around me. My voice sounds so ridiculous in person itself, imagine in a recording :-/

    1. Glad to hear that :)

      Oh, I am sure it isn't that bad o_O

  2. Yeah, I fell for the trap too :P

  3. that's just a phase that'll soon get sorted out on it's own... do what ur heart tells u... all the very best!

  4. They'll always tell you infinite things that you could do.
    If you were to listen to what I would say, I'd say, follow your heart.

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  6. I keep telling my friends to keep their head high because even if they might not have the greatest aggregate, they are engineers. And just that "stamp" (no offence) of being one gets you qualified for a lot many things. Which, in turn, is immensely better than an English major who studied her ass off only to suffice with a crappy second division. -_-

    I understand you but I'm still a couple of squares behind, sorting out my mind and trying to realize what it is that I want to do in my life. Writing and curating poetry won't pay. So I am telling my creative part to shut up and focus on something more practical for a change: MBA, anyone?