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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Mornings

     If only I had a good camera ~_~. I won't be telling how boring monday mornings are cause you can find that kind of stuff almost everywhere on the blogosphere (I am so psyched by this term that I named my swf after it). My monday morning was quite different today. It almost surprised me when I didn't wake up to a hangover this morning. Then I remembered, I had drained half the bottle down the sink ~_~. Yup, last night it was beer party B-).

     Which turned out to be a flop show ~_~. My mind was saying, more more more and my body was doing its best to resist "if you even try to smell it, I am gonna throw up". I have truly lost my appetite for everything now. My mom made kofta chappati yesterday and I ate only 3 rotis. Well, appetite is a different issue, I'll have to dedicate a different post for that. It was also the first time she voiced her opinion about my smoking and drinking habits. For a split second, I thought somebody other than my parents did care. Then I shoved that thought away. It's not right to dwell in momentary happiness. I had my last drink in june. I don't understand why my body is acting this way. It's like food (anything eatable and drinkable) has lost it's priority. Talking about procrastination (wow, that's a mouthful), I should be thinking about RC plane right now. 

     I like listening to radio. And monday mornings are the best time to listen to Rj's. I had to drop my dad at the airport and when I was unloading the luggage, I dumped his heavy airbag on my foot. Two toes are bleeding. Sometimes people are so engrossed in the world that they miss the things that mean more than just following the mechanical schedule. Monday mornings, When the schedule takes over again and you retain the role of a puppet. Tangled within the strings of duty, purpose, rules, discipline, responsibility and pressure. That's why people need weekends. My point is, if people are able to take out a small amount of time from their daily lives to appreciate love and life, monday mornings wouldn't be so boring. And then maybe they can use weekends to spend time with family.

1. My posts are becoming very confusing, talking about random things at random times. It's good, my old self is returning.

2. I swear I am not drinking beer for the next 1 year at least. It's time we started something else. Vodka, whiskey.....


3. Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh is no more with us. May his soul rest in peace.

4. Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. I love radio! And I miss hindi radio here in London, some asian channels are there but they are not that great :(

    And I love confusing posts, it gives a hint of what you might be going through...And that's bud there ;) making you wiser, eh?

    The Blunt Blog

  2. I grew up on Jagjit Singh Ghazals...hope his soul rests in peace. And i so miss listening to the radio everyday. :(

  3. @Chintan
    Yeah, made me wise enough to drain it down the sink :P. I regret it even today ~_~

    He gave a new definition to ghazals :)

  4. you noe right I love random thoughts..random is good

    Vodka..whiskey!!! ehem ehem..you see,alcohols are bad,very bad
    Try coffee instead :D

  5. and thanks for the special place


    P.S: I just realized that I haven follow ur blog yet
    so Now following :D

  6. @TOSOM
    Random is the best :D
    coffee is part of my life already :)

    mention not :)
    Glad to hear that :D