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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Last try

She asked what would you do if I was to die?
I said I don't know, maybe I would cry
She said repeat the words and look me in the eye
I said, you know me I have always been shy

I don't think it's working for you, I want to know the reason
Maybe something has changed, like the changing season

She said tell me, or I'll die right now
I can't say, when I don't know how

You used to write so much, what happened to that?
I don't know, these days I just turn blank

She said write a poem on it, so I can keep it for later
I hardly think it's poetry, just rhyming thoughts put on paper

She kept staring at me, as time passed by
Since you insist so much, I'd give it one last try

As much as I love fiction, I would like to keep it restricted to just rhyming thoughts put on paper. Comes from a real inspiration though.


  1. Rhythmic poem :)

    It came from Real inspiration? It'll be interesting to know what happened next!! :D

  2. Oh my God. This was BRILLIANT!Fiction but so awesome.

  3. whoa......the guy in the mirror..this is something...felt so real, a lot real

  4. You need not to rhyme a poem always.
    Sometimes simplest ones are the greatest.

    Well formed :)
    Like thy post !

  5. Binu
    I am fighting a loosing battle. It becomes interesting, but doesn't end well

    thank you :)

    well, it was real for me :)

    Thanks for the tip :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^