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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The guy has spoken out of turn

       I should be crying about my monthly pocket allowances in this 43rd post. But, that will have to wait for later. A new problem has surfaced. Well, it isn't much of a problem since I am not much concerned about it. But it's significant enough to be mentioned here. I had a haircut yesterday. And while sitting on that chair staring blankly at the mirror, he started voicing his thoughts all of a sudden. Usually the procedure is that I stand in front of the mirror, ask all sorts of questions to him, he listens to them intently, and then gives his insight. And I just stand there staring dumbfounded at the intellect he is gaining so fast. I wish I were more like him. But people like him, they can only exist beyond the mirror, in a different world. They cannot trespass the boundary, for if they do, the real life will be thrown out of balance. They can only guide.

   So I was sitting on the chair while this guy started speaking. And what he said didn't come as a surprise which was quite surprising. He said "I can see the slight hint of skin colour beneath your hair. Shanky, you are going to be bald soon"

   Making approximations from the current rate of hair loss I am going through, I would end with lesser hair on head than my whole body hair combined together in about 1 or 2 years. And if by some miracle, baldness is delayed, the percentage of black hair would be less than 20% by the same time. I can already imagine my 22 yr old self thanks to my rival. Which reminds me, I haven't shared the latest pics I edited on Photoshop. I was just going through my friends' pic on Facebook when I got this wicked idea. I downloaded those images and removed the hair just to see how they would look if they were bald :D. And I even shared them on FB later XD. My rival being one of them downloaded my photo and actually did a better job on it :O. Well, it was nowhere compared to my masterpiece of my other friend B-). To add to the horror, the incidence I am writing about happened the next day after I saw that pic o_O :S. Scared the hell out of me really.

    I later found it amusing. So, when I return home, my mom says "kya smart lag raha hai" (looking smart). My reply was "If next time you say even the letter h of haircut, I am making the barber run trimming machine over my head" (my mother was continuously nudging me to have haircut you see). And that I found amusing. I sat on the computer and was looking at the edited picture again and again while a thought passed my mind (not a bad Idea perhaps)...

Later that day a friend of mine commented on FB. "dude if you go bald, no girl would like you". Yeah right, I am gonna die single if I don't marry such girl ~_~

P.S.:Don't know what made me add that picture o_O


  1. I totally hate the photo...what were you thinking?

    BTW do not sweat,as per a study, bald men are good in bed. Google it and get it printed on a t shirt :-P might help later....

  2. I don't know, maybe the watermark caught my eye. Thanks for the heads up :D

  3. btw i am also suffering from alopaecia...

  4. @nikhimenon
    it's the worst thing to happen to a guy :-/

  5. hehe :P maybe you have an iron deficiency? O_o its pretty common