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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Times Shit

      Warning: I had to edit this post before posting it here. Still there are some part I didn't have the heart to part with. So, people under 16, people weak at heart, people with disgust feeling towards nasty humour and people who are emotionally (read pervertedly) attached to city times edition of Times Of India. (take offense when I say "people who tell the world that they read newspaper daily and in reality just grab the nagpur times supplement are perverts")

     I have been dying to post this one. But before publishing, I had to confirm certain points. I just hate Nagpur Times supplement of Times Of India for it's degrading quality. Just to be sure, I updated my FB status as "Nagpur times = Times Shit". After a few likes, people started commenting. What I could infer from the comments was that the times city supplement of other cities were in more or less the same state. So, I was not the only one getting frustrated. Let's start.

The Front Page
       The front page is all about the buzz in the B'town. Fine, sometimes I do read articles on Amitabh  Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan and some other actors. Tell me this, how can a news like "Bobby Darling claiming to have dated Munaf Patel" make to the front page? Okay, it's funny, but Aren't there bigger things to write about? Then there was this article stating that Sonakshi Sinha is getting possessive about Salman Khan when she intentionally tripped Zarine Khan. Seriously, Who reads about this junk? I feel pity for the stars (not all) because the media never misses any opportunity to write even about the silliest act of them. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan caught at the airport carrying above the limit is fine, but still crapping about the now history relationship of John and Bipasha? Come on guys give them a break.

The Second Page
      The second page is kind of okay. Comic stuff and then the idiot box schedule. Some crap about Cinema and horoscope. 

The Third Page
      The second worst page in Times city edition. It's divided into two sections 

Nagpur is talking about
     It gives you the feeling that Nagpur is always talking about babes and parties. And the pose they give in the pictures, like they have won some beauty contest in Nigeria. You will rarely see a male in those pics (So you think every night, some or other females in the city are having a lesbian party). 

     Forget about variety, the only thing they do is give tips to girls on how to trap men. Rarely you will see a tip for men. Are women that dumb? I don't think so. And the language, More than attracting the guy, they give instructions on how to reach into his bedroom (read wallet). 

The Fourth Page
     The last and the worst. Honestly, I think they believe that every guy in the city jerks off even before brushing his teeth. The first and only thing you will notice in the page is how amazingly women can reveal their body parts. Bikini clad women and the likes fill up the page. That's the reason many people started reading the newspaper. I am just sick of it. I want some news and all I get is seductive pic of Madonna. Don't they realize that guys are smart enough to look all that up on the internet? It's all there, why do you need to bring it at our doorstep. And then mother gives me that look when I am trying to fish out some news in between Scarlett Johansson's legs. ~_~

I still have a subscription to TOI because of the other supplements Times Life on Sunday, Education Times on Monday (morons have now dropped the supplement and added it in the main paper) and Ascent on Wednesday. They started a new supplement "Times Property" which is another crap.

I think I should switch to TheIndianExpress.


  1. the main edition of TOI is also bull shit.
    the news it gives to the people are many time misleading
    take this eg.

  2. haha :D You are one serious victim of newspaper bullshit Shashank :D Even people under 16 would understand your emotion behind all this frustration. Newspapers should be renamed as gossip-papers. And that Scarlett leg thing :D, You really try to fish news out of there :D
    That box on the top of your blog highlights your favorite blogs and Im feeling absolutely elated to be there :) You are a rock star :) Everybody needs a big heart to appreciate somebody :) and you definitely have it :)



  3. I switched to The Hindu once and then I rolled back to TOI :| How sad am I?

  4. I hate TOI and for some reason i like the HINDU and the HINDUSTAN TIMES. Love them both!
    Comparatively less masala
    Thanks for bing so generous :) Made me soooo happy. I respect the fact tht u found myy blog good enuff :)

  5. Hahaha, nicely put, my friend :)

    I did some research during college some years ago about newspaper circulation figures in Bangalore n we even invited some folks frm the industry to talk on this - n we posed thm the same question - why r the masala papers always at the top of circulation charts while the really gud papers never figure anywhere?

    They agreed tht its always the case n told us, one, because ppl react to gossip better ("thr is no news like bad news!"), n two, tht ppl r generally visual, n the sexy pics really work!!

    Also, since newspapers r habitual properties, once u're used to a particular paper, its very difficult to go back to another :)

    Very well written n very gud compare dude :)

    NIce read ;)

  6. I agree.. However, this is how they are positioned now-a-days.. TOI - Leadership.. Hindu - Intellectual and so on.. TOI has everything for everyone.. The problem is - you will like few articles / pages... you will hate most of them.. :)

  7. @Anonymous
    Thanks for the links buddy

    Thanks for heads up :D
    Oh it's nothing. If you deserve it, You'll have it :)

    Depends on what you are looking for :)

    Yeah I am going to change soon
    It's not just good, it's best of the best ;)

    Absolutely right!!! Thanks for the comment :D

    Sadly, yes :(

    Stay Blessed ^_^