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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cost of 1 sms

       When I had the plan of 500 free sms per day, people used to get irritated from constant beeping of the cell phone due to my incoming messages. I never paid attention as to how many replied back. Or how many sent forwards back to me. I didn't think much about it and continuously used to irritate my friends :D.

     Time passed and I switched networks. As the new network was cheaper then the previous. With the advantages came the limitations. Instead of 500 a day's quota was reduced to 200. But same was not the case with my contact list. It had increased over the months. Sadly i had to restrict messaging to few people only. Still they were quite too many for 200 to last. Today they ask me why have i stopped sending them messages. I simply thought it's just 1 sms, what's so big in it to make a fuss about it? I didn't know I was about to realize it's worth.

     We met online and used to chat daily. I didn't realize but i had a kind of crush on her. She was too good to be single, I thought. we would chat for hrs about any topic and used to wish each other good night almost every day. Eventually we shared numbers and then started the phase of late night texting and once in a while mobile chatting. I didn't know about her but I was never tired or sad while chatting with her. Her words were medicine for me. Her laughter, the sound of her voice would make me forget everything else in the world. Or if there even existed any world. I was so attracted towards her that I would recognized instantly when she called from land line.

    When there are good days there are bad days too. An event in her life had made her parents too possessive about her. This resulted in a major crash in our friendship graph. She would be monitored most of the time. Calling was restricted to the time when she confirmed it was safe to call. Her online timing and my online timing never used to match after that. SMS was the only thing bonding us both. Sadly that too was deteriorating swiftly. There were times when she used to reply instantly. Lately her replies have been between none and once in 2 weeks. One day she conveyed a message that her cell was confiscated and said she won't be getting it back for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks I message her. No reply. I went back to sending her forwards. Still no reply. I call her after 2 days. The ring goes but there is no answer. The mobile I hold in my hands feels hollow without her voice....

In some hope to get a reply back some day, I continue sending her messages deducting 1 sms from my free 200 sms plan....

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