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Monday, June 6, 2011


       You may wonder why I titled the note "Untitled". The answer is quite obvious. It's *undecided*, *unknown* and everything that gives the feeling of confusion, which I am in right now. The next question would be why am I so confused. Well, it all started after I watched the movie "A Walk To Remember". Even typing the name of the film stirs a cloud of emotions in me. The movie is just awesome. since I am not writing this note to promote the film, I won't go deep into the film.
But I will mention everything that's related to me. Since this note is and every other I typed has always been about me, isn't it? Coming to the point. Sometimes, something happens, someone you meet, someplace you visit, bring a change in you. Well I am not so sure if I have changed after watching the movie. But, the movie is very touching. To think that such compassion exists today is as good as thinking fairy tales are true. I don't know why but I appreciated that the film didn't have any intimate love making seems. The kisses were enough. Now I think I wouldn't have liked the film if there were such scenes. Weird. That signifies that the movie is complete even when love making scenes are essential parts of romance. Sorry if I am deviating from my path. I just can't stop praising the movie. I even developed a liking towards Mandy Moore. The last song at the end of film "Cry" is just awesome. It has become my latest favorite song.

I don't know if I really want to get into a relationship or not, even though I am not sure i posses the "ability" to have a girlfriend. The way I am, I still believe I will meet someone who will be "committed" "dedicated" "surrendered" to love. And after watching this movie, the hope has been rekindled. I have watched the movie 2 times and want to watch it everyday until I finally get bored which I doubt I will. I cried 3 times. The best moment when landon makes up with his dad. But now, I just feel like the turn my body inside out. Or at least, bring out what's eating me from inside. We all go through the time that puts your life on track, changes the way you look at life. Well it has happened with me several times and each time I pray I continue this way. And this time I hope again the change remains for a longer time. Thanks for being there, and being a keen listener/reader. I promise I will write soon.


  1. Movies are wonderful.. We watch a moment in someone elses life and often.. That movie is a pinnacle..a turning point.. It gives the character a knew reason or promise by the end.. Bt keeping on track with this change your talking about.. I Dnt think it will.. Simply because you need that moment in your own life you can't just watch someone elses change and change.. It wont give you that moment of change that touches you so much.. Theres no going back.. Movies are an illusion even if a beautiful one.. They can teach us.. Bt jst like when our parents teach us.. We really just have to learn the lesson on our own..

  2. And "Cry" ..it is a fantastic song