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Monday, June 6, 2011

My luckiest day

To begin with I didn't really realise it was a lucky day until 8:43 am

It was 4th of December, a Saturday......yeah Saturdays bring most surprises of all days

Well going into the story I was thinking of her as usual. I had no idea I could get so attracted to a girl like this within so short amount of time. Waking up, the daily chores of my 7 day schedule started. Finally, our presentation was over so I thought I should better pay attention to my face which had a very tired look.
I decided to shave off the shabby beard which had  grown so much over 6 days. That's when it happened!

Oh, don't worry she didn't appear in front of me in the mirror I would have dropped unconscious then and there. I meant that's when I cut my cheek. And that too twice. From past experiences I had concluded that starting the day with wounds like this will surely result in a disastrous end! Nevertheless I got over with the rest of the "preparing for the dreadful" day. As soon as I was feeling positive again my hopes sank to the bottom of my shoes when I saw my bike. Again, there is nothing wrong in a motorcycle but then, you can't resist getting frustrated when you have so less time to reach your destination and you have a puncture at your hands :(

Though I got to take my mom's vehicle, I confined in my friend that I am expecting the worst today. He was lost in his own fantasies to acknowledge my luck. Nevertheless, we managed to at least reach on time, if not early. I don't know why but still I had a feeling that something good gonna happen. Whether I knew I would be seeing her again or because I was a knuckle headed person, I didn't know. Hasty with my actions I finally managed to reach my seat and sat quietly for 5 mins thinking what worse could happen today. Apparently, God had other plans for me. Once I glanced at the pluck card beside me. Second time I just ran eyes over the name. The third time, my heart skipped a beat. What could be more delightful than the coincidence that the same girl I was thinking about for 3 continuous days was to sit beside me?

By the way, did I tell you that 20 mins has passed before I realized the surprise? Yes, for 20 excruciating mins I was scanning the whole auditorium for her. Disappointment was stabbing my heart like daggers. Her absence cut through me like fire. A slight movement and the sound of footsteps near the door sent bolts of electricity through my body. The thirst from 3 days in desert was finally quenched when I spotted her among the late comers. The relief was more physical than emotional which sent calm instantly throughout my body. The pain was replaced by a smile. She recognized me and at the same time realized that she was about to sit beside me. The answering smile was breathtaking! Having attended 6 days of sessions on public speaking, competitive English, confidence and personality development, I knew what to do. A casual smile, hi-hello, a small chit-chat and I became at ease. Lost in her pleasant warmth, I ignored what every other person was saying when it was the feedback session. Apparently, she was paying attention. She gave a look like she had something to say but was hesitating. One should acknowledge that putting 5 words of English together when 251 people are looking at you isn't as easy as it looks like. My guess was right. She did have something to say. Oh not to me, I could have fainted then and there let alone wait for her to complete her sentence. Anyways, leaving fantasies aside, I encouraged her to speak, to let go of the fear. I saw the confidence growing and just gave one last push that was all needed. I could have been ordering her to speak looking from a normal perspective. Now, whether it was my encouragement or her own dormant confidence, she did speak in front of 251 people. And I also don't know why but she even took my name and specified that it was I to ignite her determination. The sound of my name from her lips didn't really have any effect on me from the outside. A composed person, I managed to keep the physical reactions to this event under limits. Well, on the inside, the whole earth was shaking, going upside down and coming to normal again. I swear I had just shot a 100 ft in the sky and came back to the ground without anyone noticing even a tiny speck of my hair missing. I could have lived my entire life just thinking about that moment.

Ending the note I would say "love is the sweetest and at the same time most painful feeling of life"

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