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Friday, June 24, 2011

To What Its Worth

      I have been thinking about this very often now. I remember abhi said that failure is the result of the company we share. From that moment it's gotten into my mind that friends do influence our results. And this time it's in a bad way. Lately, I have been thinking of reducing contact with my friends to minimum. Almost zero. Now, whether it is better for my career or not, I won't know until I try it. The idea of meeting daily and hanging out is simply mouth watering. I realize that many people miss it. But no matter ho fun it may be, I end up thinking it was a waste of time.
Now, I am not totally against these hangout. I think I can be comfortable with meeting once in a week. I have joined KICIT which is 6:30 - 8:00 pm except on Sundays. Still after 8pm I call them and hangout with them at the most for one hour in which I speak the least among them. Now this particular span of time, I think, goes useless.
         You must be thinking if I am that sure of my thoughts, why don't I put them into action. The problem arises at which plan to follow. Half of the examples that all great people didn't indulge in "hangouts". They chose their dreams, their ambitions over their peers. Look at them, Albert Einstein, Steve jobs. If anyone of them had decided to spend more time with friends, physics wouldn't have been unveiled or we won't be using I-pod. Fascinating isn't it? Not likely. Confused? Well, not as hell as I am. Here's what the other half has to say. Value friendship. Respect your friends. Never forget them. Whom will you share success with if you don't have friends or better "real" friends. All you will have would be colleagues and some bitches looking for publicity

Really confusing >_<

thanks for listening/reading


  1. Haha that was great xD I think I have a thing for confused men O.o anyway.. Friends are important.. They give you that boost you need.. Or maybe that inspiration.. Or maybe help you understand who you are.. Who you want to become? But at some point.. You need a break.. Or you need some time breaking ties will get you no where.. But getting buzy with things other then your friends is not a crime!! Talk to them about how your frustrated with your work.. Even if its just to one .. They might even support you and ask you helpful questions, give you advice, or even help you concentrate.. But you have to explain to them how important your work is to you.. Or else why would they take it seriously when they think your not?