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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drive Slow

Were the last words of my dad when I dropped him at the railway station on 24th July 2011. Funny, life has been slow. And there lies no reason for me to take it easy on the road either. I don't drive to show off. It just gives me the feeling of thrill, a sense of control. And why should I drive slow. Every time I have driven slow, I met with and accident. It might seem stupid but that's the truth. This particular note may be confusing you. Am I talking about life or about driving? It's kind of both really. A comparison perhaps. I remember Prof. Lawrence's first lecture in first year. He snapped his fingers while he spoke, "Dude, you will never realize when these 4 years will pass by".

     And here I am. 2 long years have passed. Life is the same as it was then. Worthless. Look at the technologies. You buy Android 2.0 today and then they launch 2.1 after 4 months. Accept it or not the world is picking up pace real fast. Some years back it took 5 yrs to complete degree course in engineering. Now it is 4 years. I think some time soon it will be reduced to 3 years. Engineers at the age 20/21. Some things are eternal though, for instance, the C programming class I have joined. No matter how developed computing may become, C will always be the mother of all programming languages and will never loose it's importance

So, moral of the story?

think, live, progress fast but drive slow :)

thanks for reading/listening

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