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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Empty Spaces

      I never imagined writing would grow so much on me. To think I would have written 10+ notes by now. I am confused though... Should I be happy? *Certainly*. Should I be sad? Hm.... The problems still persist. Well lets put the past aside and focus on now. She has left for bilaspur. Its been 6 days since I have seen her. No contact, no calling, only an insignificant SMS and that too is fading day after day. Her messages mostly irritate me, talking of death, separation and denial of the obvious. I called her thrice, once she disconnected, second time it was busy, the third time we talked, it was as if I was talking to a complete stranger.
Not seeing her makes me anxious. Knowing she is ill makes me agitated. Sensing that something's wrong makes me feel vulnerable. And reading her messages finally make me furious. A very common thing to observe. If in a conversation, you are the one asking all the questions and the person you are talking to doesn't even question back, let alone ask different ones, you are unnecessarily dragging a dead conversation. Now she is far away again. I am in fear, for I will change. I just hope everything goes back to normal soon.

thanks for reading/listening

I'll be back soon


  1. everything is back to normal shashank..!! hmm...no more irritating messages..