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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why didn't you accept my friend request, dad?

     I think this should have been written a long time ago. Well, its actually good I am writing it now. Because, I think now its safe for me to say that I have become better at putting my thoughts into words. Critics are always welcome.

     Now coming to the thought. But before that, I want a favor from you. If I am bragging too much about myself or making it too it too hard on me, please tell me. So, it all happened on 26th of June. My dad came home a day before. When my dad is at home, we always eat together unless I am late from college or classes. My mother and I were discussing about our neighbors and I don't know when the topic turned to career, academics and all. I told him what I wanted to be in life, is still unclear.
What he told me, just opened my mind to so many options. He gives examples of himself,  examples of his father, my grandfather. MY dad tells me, there was never one day when my grandfather was late to work. The circumstances he worked in. My father lost his mother at age of 6. He tells me my grandpa didn't know anything but steam engine. He had to work in shifts. Now its easy to adopt a schedule over time. Tell me if any of you can do this. First 8 days work, 12 noon to 8pm, then 56hrs break. Next 8 days work 9pm to 6am, then 56 hrs break. Next 8 days 12 noon to 8pm and the cycle goes on. I don't know about others but I would definitely end up in hospital. It's one thing to work in double shifts, even harder to work in triple shifts, almost impossible when the shifts are constantly changing. Your body just can't take it. Now being punctual everyday, it would be right to call him a superhuman. Well he is not. He is as human as you and me. The thing he had, the thing my father learned from, the thing my father wants to hammer into me, is as simple as one word and yet very powerful. "FOCUS".
     When my dad joined his first company, he didn't know English. At time of BSc 2nd year, he joined English classes and now when he tells me all this, I just can't believe it. Though having above average vocabulary, The command he has over the language, makes me admire his perseverance. He tells me do something but don't get addicted to it, be it as bad as smoking, drinking, or as good as work. I tell him everything about the college and how every student either hates the lecturers or the education system itself. He has just asked me one simple question,"If you abuse the system and lecturers so much, have you done anything to change it?" He said if you fight against all odds, people will recognize you. If you hate the lecturers so much, become a lecturer and show them how it is to be done. All this signify one thing, he who takes initiative is bound to achieve success. See examples of Ambani, Lincoln, Einstein. I asked him, to be successful, should i give less importance to everything else but my dream/ambition/career/academics?. He told me people live three kinds of lives, professional, personal and social. The power of priority will help you decide what amount of importance you should give to which kind of life. Now you may leave your friends to pursue you goals, and when you achieve success, you will realize you have succeeded in professional life. Whereas, the social life is left behind, with whom are you going to share success? And it also affects your personal life. The most important thing I learned that day was, people live for three main needs in professional life recognition, money and position. When people start recognize you for your work, you think I should get paid more. When you start getting more income, you think why am i still a junior executive, I should be a senior executive. And the cycle goes on. I often find myself crying when I think about how much he is doing for me. A few of you know it personally from me, many know it through my previous note(s). ANd if you don't know why I shed tears, you shouldn't be reading this note. My dad....he may not know how to operate an I-pod, he may crack silly and embarrassing jokes in front of my friends, he might never find out about the respect I have for him, the thing about him I share with friends, what I want to express is that he is the coolest, most encouraging, most active, with lots and lots of experience & wisdom, the best counselor of my life. And I am proud to be his son. If only I loved him more


  1. Nice..!! I loved it..!
    Looking forward to more articles..!
    happy blogging!

  2. thanks! :D
    this is the first comment i got, so it means very much to me :)

    take care ^_^

  3. Hmm....father-son, father-daughter these relationships make us what we are :)

  4. I like to believe that admiration stems from like/love. So maybe you love him more than you realise? Just maybe.

  5. @chintan
    Very true :)

    Thanks :)

    yup, maybe :)

    Stay blessed ^_^

  6. A timeless piece of wisdom.. Thanx so much for sharing.. You really are your fathers son Shashank..