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Sunday, July 31, 2011


        Hope...that's what she gave me. Above everything else, love, confidence, strength and much more. I wouldn't say she completed me, like in all romantic movies. But being close to her felt like I was flawless[. I was charming, I was smart, I was strong, I was everything that I wasn't in my single life. It was like a dream yet I lived those moments in reality. Maybe this is how it feels like to be perfect, to be in love. I was everything and then I was nothing. She left. Reality swept over me. Darkness consumed me. The only light was that of my soul within me. But for some reason it wasn't enough to drive the darkness away. I had this vision, of me standing on top of a beautiful waterfall. I was leaning over the edge of a rock at the mercy of the hand I was holding.
I didn't realize that the hand was fading. Eventually, it disappeared and I entered a free fall. As I was going down, the air rushing past me, the memories were flashing in my head. Happiness, love, friendship, ecstasy....the last thought left my mind and then, SPLASH! The water engulfed me. It froze every drop of blood in my veins. My lungs ached for oxygen and all I could suck was water, the very thing essential for existence. There was an excruciating pain, but at the same time an eerie silence. That's when it hit me, I was never handsome, never able to charm anybody, was ever so fat, so not smart, so immature, so...so...so...IMPERFECT. Having realized it was after all just a dream of being perfect and she was just a fairy from fairy tale, I was able to sense the light within me growing. There are things that define me, that are so unique. I am a good guy, a good human being, I understand my limits, have priorities, possess a tonne of patience, do stuff most people cannot do or don't have time to even think of doing, I don't keep grudges. The light goes brighter and turmoil is transformed into tranquil. I can't let some minor problems to turn into setbacks. There is a long way to go and I have only taken the first step. I am determined to claim my destiny

thanks for reading/listening

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  1. Oh so beautiful.. People often compliment works that speak of nature.. Or happiness and this.. A mans struggle with no one but himself..hehe she makes you feel good..bt truthfully you were always good and yes charming,dashing,sweet,cute, and a little sexy :s too :P ;) xD