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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sometimes, Pictures Do Speak to me

     Yeah, pictures do speak to me. They tell me about stuff that's beyond the comprehension of others. They connect with me. And I see some pictures in way that nobody else sees them. I feel blessed with the tool of Photoshop. Now these photos tell me all sort of stuff. Some are good and some are very wicked (a very tiny part of this side you are going to see very soon). Let's see what some of the pics in my hard disc say...

Even though I am using their products, I still hate them

Yeah I hate twilight too (but I do love the books)

Somebody probably hates me back ~_~

I found this one cursing at the top of its voice o_O

My sincere thanks to Adobe and Google

Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. ROFL if you like photos, you should check the photoblogs :P follow the link pliss

    Chintu Singh

  2. I followed the link, it's really good and I loved it :)