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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Having slept already

     It's 0055 hrs and I suddenly wake up. Honestly, I shouldn't be waking up at this odd hour. Then I remember, I have slept all evening and also through the night. Oh man, now I have to stay awake the whole night. First of all, I am hungry (Good! my appetite's back :D). I wonder, should I brush my teeth first? :P There's not much to satisfy my hunger but still I'll survive for the next few hours. Better close the door to my room before turning the computer on.

     0135hrs. Seen all facebook notifications and replied to most of the posts. Analyzed friend's ppt. Was watching all the old pictures that were snapped in a different lifetime. It's different because I am no longer the person they used to know. It's nobody's fault really. And no matter how tempting may be the prospect of going back to them as the same person I was once before, I simply can't do that. When people change, it's almost impossible for them to undo that change. Many times it's a involuntary change. You just change and you can't do anything about it, can't control it, can' direct it, can't alter the pace, nothing!

    0223hrs. started torrent downloader, listening to music and writing my thoughts out. All I need is big cup of coffee. Not that I am feeling sleepy, but you know, it fits perfect in the picture ;) :D. My reserve for restraint to hunger is depleting fast though. Sadly, or is it a good sign? Anyways, I am not thinking of any person in particular right now. Seems, no one matters to me for now. Wondering how long this "now" is going to last. Do you know I advised my friend that to forget the first girl, you need a second girl, to forget the second you need a third and so on? Well it was only to make my friend feel light. Now that he is back to normal again, it makes me question myself. Is that it? All I need is a new set of friends?

     02:36. Jab mila tu rooo tu ru toooo ru tu ru toooo na thi kami na justuju ru tu ru tooooo aur aadhe aadhe pal hue fir poore yu Jab mila tu rooo tu ru toooo ru tu ru toooo. Love this song :D. I know this "being careless" business is making me drift far away from them, but you need to realize where to draw the line. I crossed it, thinking I cared for them. Now, if they are not ready to listen, it's better to stop banging your head on te wall and bring a bull dozer instead :D. Still, you will always need someone to be with you, share wth you and listen to you. Not necessary he/she be lover.

    0250hrs. In any relationship, when attachments die, formalities are born. But when formalities are born, nothing  else remains. Someone slap me, am going into depression :-/. OMG! A message at this hour! Wait, it's just a waiting one. My inbox has been full since......Well I don't remember. Still, this one time 1AM. Hm, she was an insomniac before, but by now she probably would have slept. I better get something to eat. Jaane kyu log pyar karte hai.... :D

    0351hrs. Wow! After an hour. Well I just came to say bye. Enough of writing for today will be back soon take care and have fun. Stay blessed. Thanks for reading/listening ^_^