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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Voices Inside My Head

      I am often surprised by the track on which the train of my thoughts run on. Changing tracks continuously, rarely arriving at a junction. I think too much, more than a normal person, trying to decipher the meaning behind every word spoken in front of me. But, I am no Sherlock Holmes. Yet, my brain never stops the thinking process, giving me the "LOST" look when I am with friends.
Sure, they are best buddies in my life, still I think I should stop meeting them. And, I am not saying that I am the only person thinking of career, academics, money. Seriously, if I was a successful person being good in nature, in studies and enjoying beer and relationships at the same time, I wouldn't even consider thinking that they are influencing me. Every time we make a pact of concentrating on studies, it sucks heavily. And then there are thoughts of money. You go to movies almost every week, eat in expensive cafes and restaurants and when it is time for a real huge enjoyment with many real friends, you say "yaar kadki chal rahi hai". And after knowing the financial condition of my dad, I have become the miser of my group. Am I a miser to reduce eating junk food? Am I a miser to plan only one movie in a month. Sorry, but I am not as good a party animal as you guys. Even if I was the son of Bill Gates, I would prefer spending it on something worthwhile. Again, it's your money, you can spend it however you want. I simply can't resist thinking about it when you make the above mentioned comment. Further, I am not saying I am the only guy with priorities. Surely, they must be having priorities too. I just think what I see and write what I think. Can't help it.

     Okay, so since I have started denying for every other movie/party they plan, they have gradually stopped asking. Fine, I can live with that. But, why make so fuss about it? You didn't tell me before planning, why bother telling me after it is over? It will only encourage me write more such notes. And I am pretty sure you don't care what I think of you. And I am not blaming just you, it's the general idea. Even I don't care how people will react to this note. My opinions/choices/suggestions rarely matter.

     Then there is the matter of friends coming from outside city. The complain is "kya yaar roz bahar nikalna padta hai, kharche karne padte hai". Don't you ever get bored seeing each others same face everyday? Can't you spend your pocket money wisely in order to save it for moments like these? What is their fault man? They are not to blame. Everything would go smoothly, if you could simply prioritize studies, enjoyment and money. The ugliest part? Even after knowing all this, there is no improvement

     Truth is always bitter. How I wish that this should have been the last thought to cross my mind. But, there are thousands yet to come, and hundreds yet to be written. I did make it a point to make this my last facebook note, but after watching 'turning 30', I don't think I have to. At the end of the day "kuch baatei batayi nahi jaati, toh kuch baatei andar dabayi bhi nahi jaati"

all the best for your future and have fun ^_^

some points I would like to clarify
1. At no instance am I stressing a particular point on an individual, its collective
2. Regardless of what you might feel when you realise which part of the note you belong to, I don't hate you
3. No matter what you say to me, I won't change. So save your energy. Atleast spent that wisely ;)
4. Thanks for reading/listening ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Hehe bold comments from a thoughtful man.. Your very wise when it comes to money.. Now maybe understanding others is your next area to study? :P