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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is it just a formality?

     Think about the title. Since it's friendship day, I am surely talking in the same context. Sure today is very special for friends. You get a chance to tell people how much they mean to you, as friends. You make promises of being friends forever, of remembering each other no matter how many miles apart you are. All this makes you feel special when somebody sends you a text, tags you in a photo on Facebook or just says "happy friendship day" when they see you this day. But ask yourself, is it really a feeling you share "together forever no matter how long" or is just a formality "hey remember me, so when the next time I need a favour, I'll remember you".
I know, I know, why am I thinking so negatively. Well the people with whom I chat/talk/text regularly or occasionally, sure, if such messages come from them, I do feel special, no doubt. But when someone, who hasn't given any effort to know whether you are alive or not up until now, suddenly tags you in a photo on Facebook or texts you  with some graphic characters decorating the message. Many of you might think like at least he/she is doing that much. But what I think is this, is this the only day in the whole year that I am remembered by you? Like "oh is it friendship day today? I must send wishes to my old friends so they know that I am still alive". Okay fine, we were friends in the past, now you live in srinagar and I in kanyakumari, so it's very difficult for you to make regular trips to where we grew up so you just text me "I still remember you" and I am like "only once in a year?". It is as good as your mother forcing to attend a pooja which is mandatory for your religion. If that's the case then please, I will be more than happy to relieve you off that formality. Okay, don't remember their birthdays, don't ask about their well being every time. But at least don't treat friends like a date to be just remembered every year, a formality to done no matter you like it or not....

Now before you start saying I am saying bullshit and come to beat me, think about the case with valentine's day, mother's day, women's day, father's day. I don't think we would need such days if we had forgotten such important people in our life. All this I am saying because I don't know the cause behind celebrating such days or am not sure if there exists any. No questions about women's day, it's an international day. But still, I personally don't feel there is a need for friendship day or valentine's day and such days

PS: 1.)Many of you might not like this. Sorry, it's the way I am.

2.) Most might be wondering if I am being cynical. Well no comments.

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