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Sunday, August 7, 2011

think fast, speak slow

       Although I am putting it into words today, the thought originally came to me on 2nd of August. I never expected my laziness to influence my writing. Something must be done about it. Before that, there is another problem to be tackled. This problem has survived since long back. I am starting to fear it won't leave me ever. Given, that is can prove disastrous for my career, I must find a solution for this as soon as possible You might be wondering if this problem is as old as I say it is, why am I writing about it today? The answers begins with an incident that happened today (2nd August). I have this problem of speaking too fast. Sometimes I have to repeat as much as 3 times to communicate my thoughts. Sometimes I eat up parts of words as I pronounce or even stammer.
These days it's happening quite often. I consulted many people, psychological reason, biological reason heredity and god knows what not. I have tried many remedies. Yes, I can read from a paper properly and can even sing a song with utmost accuracy. It happens only when I speak my thoughts or in a casual conversation. I tried standing in front of mirror and then speak (may seem stupid but works for variety of problems, the best would be stage fright or public speaking). It just didn't work for me. There is a lecturer in my class who has got the same problem as me but his case is worst than mine. I get nightmares of having my future like him. Today, we (me and my classmates) were sitting and discussing about some stuff, when one of my mates cut me short bu imitating me because he didn't like my point. Call me fat, call me dumb, make fun of my glasses. Nothing has ever hurt me so much as someone making fun of this particular disorder (it's a speech disorder). I don't know what to do. What will my future be (I sincerely hope its nothing like that lecturer). Will this problem remain or will it get worse....

hope conversing with my mates in English will help