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Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's definitely not love

    I have been neglecting food for quite a time now. I do feel hungry and my stomach has been growling a lot these days. But, every time my brain gets a signal from stomach there is one or other thought in my head that is so important, that I don't even have the restraint to stop it and get something to eat. You know me, when I start thinking, I get totally engrossed in anything that's interesting to ponder on. Studies, passion, fun, love nothing matters then. Talking about love, why is that whenever I deny food or look thoughtful, somebody would pull me back to reality asking the then most insignificant question "ladki kya chakkar hai kya?" (is it a matter of a girl?).
Sorry ladies but you don't hold the power to make men think a lot each and every time. At least not in my world. So what is it exactly, that's making me dream in living daylight? Speaking of dream, finally induction program that was scheduled today and for which I had spent countless sleepless night preparing got over. And it was a GRAND SUCCESS!!! No claps please :D. For many of you who do not know, Induction is the name of the function held to introduce the faculties, rules and regulations, codes and conduct of the college to the first year batch. And I was part of the organizing team. It was I who designed the display that would be put up on the projector slideshow. Complete from introduction, through faculty intro, other videos toppers slide to bus routes. Of course the videos were made by other people, so credit goes to them. So, the best part for me? Several students whispering "ye kisme banaya hoga re, har saal toh powerpoint presentation banate hai iss baar ye kya lagaya hai, sahi hai yaar?" (every year they put power point presentation for displaying lecturer's picture, toppers' picture and videos) this time I thought we should give everyone taste of something much more technical presentation. ( for all you computer freaks, I used Adobe Flash CS5 for presentation, Adobe Photoshop CS5 for editing pictures and my senior used Adobe After Effects for making videos)

It's just an awesome feeling when someone appreciates you for your work, added the fact that very less people can actually do it :)

thanks for reading/listening ^_^


  1. Thoughtful suggestion :) Thank you :) How does a 2:1 ratio work for you ? ;)

  2. no? :P you just haven't met the right girl then xP