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Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Let It Out

     There are times in life when you feel so angry and so frustrated, that you think you might explode like a volcano. Then again, you are surrounded by people, have to respect other people's thoughts. Friends, GF/BF, teacher, parents, boss, all have their share of fueling your rage. Sometimes you just have to stay put, sometimes you couldn't care less what the person in front of you, thinks of you. The silent people are the most dangerous (me for example :P).
They have so much thoughts accumulated within the walls of their brain that the only door is not enough to let them all out at once. Kind of reminds me of C4. Anyways, I know we all go through this. I can't think of a single person who hadn't had it rough. Trust me, the aftermath of the "explosion" isn't a pretty sight. And, if you keep it well buried inside, you may go into depression, or the worst case, become a poet ( :O? believe me, poetry can get worse than beer or cigarette. Personal experience). It's all gonna come out someday. So, why don't you channelize it somewhere where people around don't get hurt and you remain sane at the same time. Some of the ways where you can let your frustration out without any harm to life (yours and your peers/parents/etc)

1. Put it on paper
     Write it down on a piece of paper. You can write how it makes you feel, the reason why it makes you feel like that, some abuses ( XD ) or just gibberish. Expand your creativity. Keep all such pieces of paper in box entitled "do not open. Ever!" or burn them down or drain them.

2. Tell someone
     Venting out anger and frustration is OKAY but if you are the non-violent-sensitive type then you could just tell your friend or whoever you are closest to about anything that keeps your head buzzing. One of the safest ways

3. Adding a force to it
     Maybe you like swimming, you maybe a good athlete, boxing ( I wouldn't recommend this though ), or whatever. The point here is you can channelize all your anger where it can actually turn into something positive. Best option? Pay a visit to GYM.

4. If all else fails
     Just go to a roof top and scream to loudest of your voice ( :O ). It definitely works. Saw it in a movie ( :P ) and tried it a couple of times ( B-). Just be sure nobody is near you or even better take a group of friends to carry out this activity ( :D ).


a.) Caution! If you are capturing pictures to make your blog more original, do so very carefully ( burnt my thumb back there >_<)

b.) Do not vent out your anger on driving and any of your electronic gadget.

c.) Still nothing is working? Try this out

Thanks for reading/listening. Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. You seem to be an expert on anger management :D
    I can use some of your advice here :)

  2. @ayushi
    Rather experienced than expert ;) :) :D

  3. Truly silent people are the most dangerous :P
    It's good to let it out but in a way it doesn't strike the other and the chain reaction doesn't continues :P

    Afixxion Addixt

  4. @alcina
    yeah true :D

    about your blog, I am already following it through email. Why don't keep a following, it would be much easier to stay updated :)

  5. The silent people are the most dangerous (me for example :P) >> I snorted very hard at this :P xD