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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost within smoke and alcohol

CAUTION!!!: Anything in excess is injurious to health. This is true for alcohol. Up to a small extent, it's actually healthy. Drink too much and you are surely to end up on the wrong side of the road. Such is not the case with cigarettes. Avoid them completely if you can. Trust me, there is nothing cool about smoking. Even if you want to try it once, just have one single puff and that's it. No need to be a show off and smoke one whole stick as long as you don't want it to get worse. Since, smoking one cigarette is as good as smoking for the rest of your life. Confusing? Well, believe that you don't wan to find out why. With this I must start with my topic.





      First you burn it and then it burns you. I confess that I smoked majority of times just because it looked cool. But then I was introduced to the other side. It really takes your mind off "certain" stuff. It was the first time I did it to remove pain, to forget her, to dissolve depression. But everything comes with a cost. Heck I don't care about the money. Even beer doesn't leave a big enough mark on your monthly allowances.


     I still remember how innocent I was back then. Unknown to the harsh realities of the world. When there was a possibility of dreams coming true, a job like that of a superhero actually existed. When you thought wearing a mask, a cape and undergarments over your daily clothes will rid you off homework and you could teach the teacher a lesson and save the day. The mask is torn, the cape is tattered, the undergarments (well not much to say here). The Teacher has evolved into a more sinister Lecturer and the homework have transformed into assignments and reports. A new villain (After so many years I realized it's actually spelled this way :o) has been introduced, THE PROJECT with his side kick The Seminar. 2 more years and then I'll be pulled within an alternate reality called "JOB" *horror music plays*



      Sorry to break your bubble. The perfect guy and the perfect girl do not exist. All you can do is accept your partner the way he/she is and live a wonderful life. Wow! A happy ending? Not so fast ;). The world as we see it today is consumed in competition. With the advancement of technology, there comes online dating, online matrimony and all sorts of stuff. Above everything else, there is "MY SPACE". Oh not the now-almost-forgotten social networking site. Everybody wants his or her space. The problem is, when you give it to them, they misuse it. Well am not saying every relationship is like that. Since I am not much experienced in this field, I'll stick to my space.



     This is what has set me back the most. At a young age, it's the most beautiful relation in the world. Now it just sucks. Priorities Priorities, my space my space. The world has transformed friendship into friend without any relationship. I am speaking from experiences so there are chances of exception, also chances that I am completely wrong. Some of the friends I have can be categorize into the following.

1. The true mates - unfortunately they are very few in number, which you can count in one hand

2. The colleagues - they are friends just because you go to same college or same tuition. Likewise, went to same school in the past

3. The ones with benefits - they remain friend just because you have something to offer them. These are in large numbers

4. The friends of friends - they are the friends of your friends, otherwise you wouldn't even look at each other

    Of these, only one, two or at max three friends will understand you (not completely though). And they are likely to fall under the first two categories. But, you know what they say "har ek friend zaroori hota hai" ( I use Voda by the way). 

*the last gulp*


     To be short and simple? From an emotional fool to an emotional f***. Innocent, Honest, Naive, Quiet, Adorable to Culpable, Dishonest, Blase, Aggressive, Detestable. First there was only heart and the mind, now the conscience speaks too. I am beginning to wonder that conscience is wiser than both of them. In any case, I am still qualified to be called good, or so my friends say. Let's see where these things take me

    In the end I'll just say this. Life has many things to offer regardless of them being good or bad. It's up to you to choose which things to assimilate and which to ignore. Stay Blessed ^_^


  1. I think you need to take a long look in the mirror and see what we see in your posts..an thats heart ;) not many people have it.. so cherish it!!

  2. Ps: A very creative post *thumbs up* << get it? :P ha ha? pun?? to go with your sip sipping??? xP