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Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Matrix All Over Again

     Now, even if you are not a Sci-Fi freak, I would recommend you to watch either of these two movies - "The Matrix" or "Inception". The latter with a higher preference. The concept is pretty awesome. A simple Idea. What if the world is not real? I don't want you to go into depths of any of these movies, I just want you to realize that everybody living in the "real" world has his or her own "matrix" or "dream" world (both meaning the same thing). Where, you are the hero, the most powerful, the wisest of all. I know I know, you already knew that, so what was the point of making you watch these movies. Well, another thoughtful concept these movies inculcate is of  mixing of the dual lives. The difference between "real" world and "dream" world disappearing gradually.

     Now, apply this concept to your everyday life, to yourself, to your friends, to your family and anything that's connected to you. It's interesting to see that the exact thing is happening. And the word that comes to my mind...."expectation". There's no harm in expecting something. It's just bloody painful when they don't get fulfilled. And these days, everybody is expecting something or the other out of someone every time. The bubble/dream/matrix they live in, is slowly beginning to have a physical space and mass. The line between the real world and dream world is thinning fast. I mean, you may be the smartest person in you dream, but nobody likes when you flaunt it by putting others' thoughts beneath your feet. You give your utmost dedication to your better half and then you expect for them to do the same? What, are you hoping for a fairy tale to come true? It's okay to dream for a perfect guy/girl, it's okay to have a personal space. Misunderstandings arise when you don't keep them to yourself. And they think they are doing good to you by pricking the bubble since it's wrong to live in dreams. Well, who told you that we are living in dreams? We are living in reality and dreams are kept aside. It's you who made us express it. It's totally my fault anyways, when I knew you wouldn't agree with it, I shouldn't have brought it out in the first place. People dream, to have perfect guy/girl, to have a perfect job, to have a perfect life. It's not wrong to dream about all this. In fact, these dreams are the motivations that land us somewhere near perfection. It's their personal space, and nobody has the right to invade it, let alone ruin it. Fine, you are practical, you want to live in reality, in reality these things don't exist. Well, who told to make every other emotional fool to think exactly like you? And let's face it, even the emotional fools have a grasp of reality. They just don't show exactly like the practical people don't show emotions. Let me tell you, even the practical guys are living in a bubble/dream/matrix. A space where they think they are right and every emotional fool is wrong. Now how would they like if their this bubble get broken by the simple sentence "you have become so practically blind that you don't realize how many people you are hurting". Always remember this. No matter how practical one may become, it's always the emotional fool that's more straight forward. It's the bubble/dream/matrix I live in. These days, nobody cares what others have to say, cause in their bubble, they all are right.

thanks for reading/listening ^_^

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