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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pictures speak louder than words

    Nowadays, I spent more time blogging than "facebooking" "googling" and also "studying". Gaming still tops the list ;). I go through so many blogs, reading each and every post the author has written (even though it's 2 yrs old), analyzing each comment, putting my own comments. Man, I have got obsessed with blogging :O. Anyways, having gone through so many thoughts each day made think "what is it that makes them so attractive, charming, alluring, fascinating, enticing, seductive( XD ), magnetic, tempting (yeah, Google is your friend ;) :P :D)".
Other than Oh-My-God-What-A-Creative-Mind there's one more thing that makes them so much more enchanting than others. It's the pictures. The pics people put to enhance the effect, a particular thought has on the readers. Sounds convincing to me. That's why to make boring lectures and presentations bearable, they used powerpoint to keep the audience focused. Thanks fellow bloggers, that was really an eye opener for me :D. I took it to the next level. You would agree that moving pictures leave a greater impression on the reader

I love doing signatures and putting names on animated images :D.


  1. Blogging is very addictive at the start.. Then you get used to it =)

  2. And my real name being neha i love you too :p :p :p

  3. Delighted to hear that :"> :D

    Stay blessed ^_^