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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The last request

she said we can no longer continue, its time to break up
I said I love you, isn't that reason enough?

she said she can't take it, it hurts her
I said I would die, would it be okay for her?

she said don't make me stay, I want to go
I said do one last thing, and then you can go

she said oh fine, but I can't promise
I said for old times sake, don't I deserve this?

she kept mum and I got my chance
I said I want to live again like the past

she said I don't understand, what is it that you desire
I said lets do everything we have done with same passion and fire

for two months we did all the things we have done before
I fell in love with her more and more

she said I have done what you asked, now let me leave
I thanked her for her time and let her leave

two years have passed and I lay on this bed
where she comes to me, with eyes so wet

she touches my face and begins to weep
my eyes close with a smile, for its time for a peaceful never ending sleep...

fiction again :)

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