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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What makes my college life bearable, enjoyable and finally worth missing

    Yep, that's my college. It's actually just Block A and block B is behind it. I am dedicating this post purely to my college mates. So here goes

I would start with my Class first. Yeah, that's me all pumped up with bugs bunny teeth ~_~. I love my class :D. Hardly there is any other section that is as "raunchy" as mine ( :O ). You will see all sorts of dealers in my section. ;). Just kidding man, my class is just perfect. I just wish there was a wee bit of more unity :)

1. Siddhesh Yerpude
    He is worth mentioning first. Currently, our Class representative. Doing a pretty good job :D. What else can I say. He is almost the guardian of our class keeping all his notes, assignments and journals complete and letting us all just copy from it.

2. Raja Patle
     The next nerd :D. The topper of my class

3. Rohan Kose
   He is the "bali ka bakra" of my class. If anything happens, it's "Kose!!!", a girl enters the class it's "Kose!!!", who broke the window glass? "Kose!!!" :D

4. Aniket Mandvikar
    We call him the "Iron Man" of our class. The strong and silent type. Legit B-)

5. Rohit Kamble
     The person who takes charge of everything B-). Only problem is, nobody follows just to pull his leg :P. Otherwise a nice guy :)

6. Sagar Pajankar
     This guy always seem to be "high" if you know what I mean ;)
7. Sachin Chaple
     Silent guy. Sssshhhhh!!!!! You wouldn't want to be in his bad books 

8. Smit Patel
     Another smart ass :D 

Back Benchers' Association (BBA)
    My favorite part. Since I am a part of it B-)

1. Saurabh Kuhite
      The now entitled "net virus". The "jugadu" of my class. This guy is blessed with way too many contacts and seems to know which girl is hanging out with which guy. Most reliable person if you have to confront a lecturer. An added honor of being my petrol partner B-)

2. Rahul Agrawal
     Another person you can rely on. Very straight forward. Possesses a very creative sense of humor

In fact, my best moments of college were spent sitting in between these 2 guys and listening to their rant. Just hilarious man :D
3. Charudatt Sharma
     The cool dude. Awesome sense of humor. This guy honestly believes he doesn't have the looks to charm ladies, while we all tirelessly try to convince him that he gets the maximum stare from girls ~_~. 

4. P. Vivek
     All he does is eat, sleep, take notes and copy assignments :P. Still a trust worthy friend :)

Wild Card Entry
     He is my best friend. I can trust him with my life. My only wish is that we both were in same section. HIMANSHU GAWANDE


  1. saale mera isse accha photo nahi mila kya??????????????

  2. sahe bnaya bro i lyk it