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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Non-Believer Of God

      I wonder, if you have already made up your mind to call me an atheist. Anyways, what you think of an atheist should be kept to you. Nothing can change an atheist's thinking besides GOD himself. Funny, ain't it? The title implies I am a non-believer of GOD and still say the same "thing" might change an atheist's view. Oh I do believe in a higher power, it's just that I don't think it's GOD as everybody else thinks it to be. So what is it that I actually believe in? Time to put it into words...

1. What exactly is GOD?
      The other day I was just "googling" for time pass. Just out of the blue, I typed the word "GOD" and hit "Enter" (IMAGES). Allow me to share the results with you

The Hindu GOD RAM

The Greek GOD ZEUS

The Christian GOD JESUS

   Well to be correct only the second picture is of GOD and the remaining two are human incarnations of GOD. But I think you got the point. Now, let's see what the definition of GOD says. It says GOD is the almighty, it's shapeless, formless and possesses an unearthly power. Also it's impossible for humans to estimate the age of GOD. So what exactly is GOD? He isn't Zeus, isn't Shiva, isn't Guru Nanak, isn't Jesus. I don't know if it's right to call him he. Can't it be a she? Please don't think I am mocking anyone's belief or making fun of GOD. Since even I also believe I will have to pay for that. I am just saying , if really GOD exists, is it right to divide him into religions? And then the question arises as to which GOD is superior. Take Hindus for example. Even there they have segregation. My family follow Narsimha and the family that lives across the road follows Tirupati. Coming to me, I believe in Karma, reincarnation so I must believe there is a higher power. And yes I do. I am just not ready to believe it's the GOD that the world believes. And even the world doesn't believe in One GOD as One people. What I think, is there exists a POWER, a FORCE, that is invisible, beyond the control of any living thing, silently watching over us. Cause, when I have given all my hard work, have shown the right attitude, everything is almost perfect, still when the result is nil, its time you start believing in an unearthly power which is beyond our control. How else can anyone explain me passing the 3rd semester (see it works in our favor too). So all yo non-believers of GOD, start believing in something.
 And to me dear believers, please don't be offended, for you know, if I am wrong, I will be punished for that ;).

2. Prayers and incantations

       Do you know the meaning of the word "SORRY"? It means that you regret doing/saying something, want to apologize and promise that you won't repeat it ever again. Well, the word has been more misused than actually meant. Since, people follow the first two instructions very sincerely but forget about the third, which in fact matters the most. Same is the case when you pray to GOD. People very tactfully do all sort of wrong things in life to have wealth and prosperity and just to be sure nothing bad happens to them, they offer prayers to GOD, make regular pilgrims, give donations, build temples and do all sort of things to wash away their sins. Now tell what kind of GOD will reside in a temple that's build over a pile of corruption, defiance to law, making others suffer? The prayers you offer for forgiveness, for wisdom, for education, for all the worldly possessions, for making your loved ones well again have to be made with one simple condition. That if you really regret the bad things you did and want a to live a good and prosperous life, all you have to o is say my(GOD) name and promise from the heart that you will never do such things ever again. The GOD is kind you know, it's just that he is strict and disciplined ;). So I only ask for forgiveness for the deeds that I am never going to repeat. Otherwise I don't pray or visit any temples. 

3. Non-Believer turned Believer?

     That's still a very mysterious question. Let's just say, I believe what I see and can't see that I don't believe. I don't believe in GOD, don't offer much prayers, don't do "pooja". If you really ask me, there exist only two gods for me, my mother and my father, I confess in front of them, I touch their feet, I ask for forgiveness and I do "pooja's" in their name only. What keeps them happy, makes me happy. As for the higher power? GOD or not, I do believe in it. let's call it Karma for now.

Thanks for reading/listening. Stay Blessed ^_^

1 comment:

  1. Religion is created either for human or.. by humans

    I know alot of people who say they believe in GOD.. and truthfully they do.. He (its "He" because in most languages including English when we don't know the gender of a word we default to the masculine ~ Right or wrong thats the reason)is who we pray to because.. we want to feel like there is something we can do to make a difference even when that thing or situation is out of our control.. no one wants to feel helpless or alone and "GOD" is a one way people do that

    Hope that made some sense :S