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Friday, September 23, 2011

Life without them would be a total wreck

     A post dedicated to my dearest of buddies who, if not major, played a significant part in shaping my mind, my thoughts, my appearance, my personality as you see it today. So, here goes

1. Kaustubh Datir
      The guy I respect the most in my group. Sometimes acts naive but otherwise a very good person. The guy is blessed with a humongous heart which is also very beautiful. Not to forget the great appetite he has :D. A game freak like me and MAN-U fan. Seems as if "easy going" comes naturally to him. Stay Blessed Bro ^_^. Just wish I knew him more...

2. Aakash Thakur
      Another emotional f*** like me. (yeah I meant fool ;-) ) Thing is, life has been unfair with him in the love department :(. Don't worry bro, there are many fishes in the ocean and who knows, a goldfish might be waiting for you ;). Has very less issues and is good at coping up with situation (hell am not giving a report). A party animal. God (if there really exists one) has blessed him with awesome cousins. Having fun in every phase of life comes naturally to him. All the ex's you are certainly missing a gem in your life ;). Stay Blessed ^_^

3. Abhinav Joshi
     The point is, if this guy doesn't show up, there would no meeting. His presence is indispensable. He is damn witty and the "joke box" of my group. I see vast amount of potential in this guy. just waiting to burst out. Well, he claims to be practical and at times he thinks he acts heartless but I personally don't believe that is the case. Stay Blessed ^_^

4. S. Adarsh
       My best friend of school. My rival and arch enemy :P. The guy is blessed with a splendid creativity and talent lies in each cell of his body. I still remember we used to make beyblades at home and match them with each other. I don't know about now but then his flash projects were better than mine. I miss him. Sometimes "miles" do matter. Stay Blessed ^_^

5. Khagesh Deshpande
      If anyone would ask me to give living example of charisma, self-confidence, charm, a wee bit of flirt, I would think of none other than this guy. He is also the English teacher of my group. We had our differences, but I still respect his views. In some ways, he is much wiser than many I have met. Stay Blessed ^_^

6. Paritosh Datar
      I have no idea from where he sends such cool forwards :o. The kind of guy you would call "bindaas". The world may be ending in 2012 but he wouldn't move until his beer mug is empty. A little like oxymoron, his creativity in linking words is beyond anyone's grasp, and yet it aches in the stomach laughing after he utters those words. Stay Blessed ^_^

7. Renuka Dodkey
      Hope I got the surname right :o :s. Honestly, I have never seen anything cuter than this girl. Her nature is so pure, I'd pray to God to not let any stain come on her crystal clear heart (if I was a believer). Blessed I am to be your friend. Stay Blessed ^_^

8. Ankita Zoting
      The most mature person in our group (at least I think so). There is something intriguing and mysterious about her personality (in a good way of course). And her nature is very good too. Just wish she would get her heart's desire. Stay Blessed ^_^

9. Nazia
      *sigh* Although we are not on speaking terms anymore, not seeing each other anymore, not texting each other anymore, I can't deny the fact that she deserves a place here. She was the one to teach me to open up to my emotions and feelings, for which I lay in her debt forever. I am privileged to be your friend. Stay Blessed ^_^

1. Life's a wreck. It's friendship that makes it bearable and teaches you to enjoy every moment of life.
2. With all due respect, I honor your privacy and won't upload your pics.
3. Neither am I drunk, nor did I have too much weed.


  1. M not good at commenting...M no more Shakespeare... Well Give Me Kf first....i'll then write a essay for u....;):D:D


  2. damn gud man kp goin

  3. "miles" do matter shash...they really do...
    wish i cud hav been closer 2 u guys...coz its not nly d literal distance..bt i feel i am a lot distant 4m u guys..

  4. I am not, never was and never will be sure about others, but for you my doors are always open. I can never forget the person who gave me my first break in smoking anyways :P

  5. well... this is so touching... rulaega kya??
    4 1 thing m totally upset.... i feel so left out... :( where is my pic??? :P
    thnk u so much shanky 4 dat litl space in ur heart... :)
    from evry1 of us... u rock!!! :)
    ps u got my surname ryt!!! :P

  6. Aap rogey toh hum aapke aansu ki ek boond bhi zaaya nahi jaane denge :)

    Well many people (specially girls) find it offensive if someone else uses their pic without their consent. And anyways, I just saved everyone from getting blind :P

    haha :D

    Stay Blessed ^_^