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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have I lost it?

     My girlfriend isn't happy with me. And I don't blame her. It's really hard to understand me. Sometimes I think she is with me just because I "invest" my money in her. Once she did say that I make her feel special, but things are different now. I am not able to cope up with her. But I don't want to let her go. It was she who helped me get over my ex. Ditching her too would land me in a vicious circle. Two days back we had the worst quarrel of our relationship. I said somethings I shouldn't have said. Her best friend is my good friend too. She said she would try to reason with her and keep me updated too. The good friend tells me about the conversation she had last night with my girlfriend.

Note: for privacy reasons, I am only using Initials.

M: He's an a*****.

C: Don't say that. Don't you love him?

M (ignoring that): And I am a bigger one to love him.

C: Please stop it M. You two look good together.

M: No we don't. He just uses me when he gets bored.

C: Why are you saying all this? I thought you two were having the best of moments.

M: Oh he certainly has good moments. Always ordering me to do this and that. He's very pushy. Even the touch of his fingers hurts. And then he beats me when I don't comply.

(C stays quiet)

M continues: And then he so deviously makes up for it by buying presents for me.

C: Well at least he tries to improve.

M: You think a new set of headphones will melt my heart?. I am sure he gifted a bluetooth device to his new b*tch. He might be breaking up with me for all I know.

C: It's not like that. They are just acquaintances. I know she is good but you are better for him. And he loves you more

M (being suspicious): What do you mean "more" ?

C (taken aback): It's nothing, just don't worry too much. Let me do my job and you will be all charged up in no time.

M (with a sinister smile): I think I will give him a very sweet message in the morning.

C: That's like my good girl.

    C informs me about all this and then they sleep. I thought I could at least have a good sound sleep now and it will all be better in the morning. I did have a nice sleep. But the latter part was proved wrong when I reached my desk. The screen of my Mobile phone was full of one type of message-


      And now I really feel I am single. My life has come to a standstill because my cell phone is on a strike :-/

P.S.( I wonder when I started adding this feature)

1. Inspired from the forward I received a few days back "When your friend takes your cell phone and it looks like he's not going to give it back any time soon, that's when you realize how unfortunately single you are"

2. I think insanity comes with singleness.

3. Thank you very much Charger. You tried your best.

4. I haven't written any shayari from 8 days and not a single poem since 2 months. I wish A girl to come in my life, show me the glories of relationship and then slice through my heart and out of my life. Maybe that would trigger something 

5. The title is relevant to the 4th point, what a coincidence o_O

Stay Blessed ^_^

If you still didn't get it, M = mobile and C = Charger o_O ~_~


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I don't think you get it. M = Mobile and C = Charger o_O ~_~

  3. Sigh. See, that is why I don't post comments after a bad, bad, hangover. Specially, when my brain is half shut. And I am half dead. Really. Yes, now you can kill me, officially. *Dies*

  4. Don't know what to say. Let's just forget what happened over here. And maybe I should be more careful next time.

    Stay Blessed

  5. alright! so you got me confused? was that about the girl or the mobile/charger?

    if it was about girl, decide what you want and then act. if it was about mobile/charger... :-\ no comments!


  6. It's mobile and charger, in that case, no comments :O :S

  7. Whatte confusion.
    You need to decide whether you really love her, then find out if she really cares. If not, stop wasting both your times and let go.
    If yes, then make it work, talk it out and bring back the magic:)
    Good luck with whichever you choose...

  8. @peevee
    You didn't read the last line, did you?

  9. hehe..you got everyone confused...but its good you added the last line...may be..you gave the reader a hint...when you said about gifting headphones and bluetooth..we should have guessed :P

  10. OMG !! i was getting emotional untill i saw the last line... :P :P

  11. waaw..quite fascinating..u get me whole attracted up to end..
    well feelings changed when i came to the end..have a happy life for M

  12. Kunal, Reicha and Jayendrasharan

    Thanks for you comments :)
    Stay Blessed ^_^