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The world has become an amusing place...

We need Facebook to tell others how we are feeling

We need Twitter to have an opinion

We need Instagram to enjoy our food

We need Snapchat to cherish memories

And most of all, we need an internet connection to have a life...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy birthday

One day gods were happy, and an angel was born
the world rejoiced, for it was the end of a storm

sadness became happiness, when the baby smiled
she has only longed for love, in all this time

whoever's like she touched, she spread just happiness
in all these years, she was cute & full of sweetness

she taught us caring, and the meaning of joy
all that was left, was to be complete, and she met this boy

love was struck, and the world was just about me and you
it's your b'day dear, and it's me wishing happy b'day to you

wrote this for my friend's girlfriend, though he only used the last line :(

1 comment:

  1. so sweet :D I think she would have loved the whole thing but I can see why you might have cut this short :P